eSUN eCleaning filament

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eSUN eCleaning filament

eSUN eCleaning (or eClean) is a semi-transparent filament used to clean the hot end before and after 3D printing, especially when switching to a material with a different print temperature, color, or composition. It is an intermediary filament, odorless and non-toxic, ideal for the regular maintenance of your FDM 3D printer.

It can be used when transitioning from a high-temp filament to a lower temperature one or from a dark color to a lighter one. By cleaning the extruder, you will get free from any residual particles that might clog the nozzle and affect future prints. Its use is enough straightforward. Just cut a short length of 50 to 200 mm from the eCleaning spool and start printing at the temperature of the first filament you used. Then, end the print setting the temperature of the next material to be processed. eCleaning filament supports a wide range of print temperatures, from 160 to 300 °C.

It is strongly suggested using the eSUN cleaning filament after printing with metalfill materials. In this way, you will increase the life of both the extruder and the nozzle.



  • Filament features
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Filament features

eSUN eCleaning filament has no particular tool head requirement. It can be extruded within a hot end temperature range of 160 to 300°C. The material density is 0.95 g/cm³.

eSUN cleaning filament is available with a 1.75 mm diameter. It ships in 100g rods.



eSUN eCleaning filament comes in a semi-transparent natural color.