Ultimaker PVA filament

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Ultimaker PVA filament

Ultimaker PVA is a biodegradable 3D printing material used to produce water-soluble support structures. PVA is short for polyvinyl alcohol. It features good thermal stability, being ideal for dual-extrusion printing of intricate objects with overhangs, cavities, and complex shapes. It is compatible for dual extrusion with Ultimaker PLA, Tough PLA, Nylon, and CPE, granting optimal adhesion.

Unlike other PVA filaments, Ultimaker PVA features better degradation resistance and less sensitivity to moisture. It safely dissolves in water (no solvent required) in just three steps: submerge, rinse, and dry. It is specifically formulated for printing on both Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended 3D printers equipped with a BB print core. Read on to find out more.



  • Filament features
  • Colors


Filament features

Ultimaker PVA  has a melting temperature of 163°C. It dissolves in tap water.

With a diameter of 2.85 ± 0.10 mm, it is supplied in spools of both 350 and 750 g.



Ultimaker PVA comes in natural color.

For some filaments, color availability might change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.