Anycubic Casting Resin

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Anycubic Casting Resin

Anycubic Casting Resin is a 3D printing UV-sensitive castable resin designed for either dental and jewelry applications. It is a high-temperature resistant photopolymer sensitive to a 405nm light exposure. It keeps burning for more than 30 minutes at 950°C and above.

Efficient and reliable, it can be printed on both proprietary LCD resin printers - Photon and Photon S - and 3rd-party devices. Casting resin is characterized by a high solidification speed and a low shrinkage rate. It enables efficient 3D printing with strong layer adhesion and easy removal. The final prints are strong and tough. They feature good stability under different conditions.

Anycubic Casting Resin sells in green and comes in a 500ml bottle. Its average shelf life is 12 months. Read on for additional details.



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Resin features

Anycubic casting resin is a 405nm UV-sensitive resin. It features a curing time of 15-20s. It ships in 500ml bottles. Due to its UV light sensitivity, it should be stored in a sealed container kept away from sunlight and dust. When properly stored, it lasts up to 1 year.

For the best results, shake up the resin bottle before printing.

Credit: @anycubicofficial / Instagram



Anycubic Casting Resin is currently available in green.


For some resins, color availability might change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.