Anycubic Resins

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Anycubic resins: high-precision, resilient UV materials for DLP 3D printers

Anycubic resins are accurate 3D printing materials designed for LCD light sources. Produced by the renowned Anycubic company, these resins benefit from low shrinkage rate and high dimensional stability. Their accuracy makes for high print success rates.

Anycubic Resins are characterized by a quick curing time, which makes them ideal for rapid prototyping. Their quality formulation makes for high-resolution printing with clear details and bright colors. They perfectly combine hardness and toughness resulting in stiff and resilient materials easy to remove from the build platform and really accurate.

The manufacturer currently produces different resin types, from standard to castable and professional ones. All resins are tested by Anycubic to grant optimum printing quality.


Anycubic resin library

Anycubic DLP UV resin library is composed of colored and translucent basic resins, plant-based Eco UV resins, dental casting resin and dental non-castable resins. Depending on your printing requirements, you will surely find the material that suits your needs.

Basic resins come in several different colors. They are ideal to produce detailed parts in short times. The biodegradable Eco UV resins are made from soybean oil. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Dental casting resin is 3D printing material specifically designed for investment casting. Dental non-castable resins are non-toxic materials mainly used to produce prototypes, impressions and dental models for teaching.

All resins are compatible with the Anycubic Photon, one of the most popular DLP 3D printers available on the market. They are not suitable for SLA 3D printers.


Resin specs

Anycubic resins are highly sensitive. This means they require low energy of activation. They are mainly compatible with the 405nm wavelength, even if the Eco UV is also compatible with a 355nm wavelength. Their quick curing time enables high print speed. The final prints show good quality and stable performance under different conditions.

Remember to keep the resins away from sunlight during printing. For proper conservation, store the material in a sealed container away from light and free from dust.

For additional information related to the Anycubic resin settings, visit the manufacturer website or contact their support team.


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