Formlabs Dental Resins

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Formlabs Dental Resins

Formlabs Dental Resins is a library of 3D printing photopolymers aimed at digital dentistry. It is composed of biocompatible resins ideal for the production of dental products, including splints, retainers, crowns, and more. The company developed this resin library in order to meet the growing demands for cost-effective, reliable dental 3D printing materials. Thanks to Formlabs Dental resins, dental professionals can now produce patient-fit models directly in-house at affordable costs.

The Dental Resins library includes the own-brand dental model, surgical guide, dental LT clear, castable wax, grey, and digital dentures resins. Depending on your printing requirements, you might choose the photopolymer that best suits your needs.

All Formlabs Dental Resins are factory tested to grant optimum print quality and extreme accuracy. Ideal for dental labs, they allow producing a broad range of products using the proprietary Form 2 Printer.

Formlabs provides an online resource library that contains videos, tutorials, and Dental Resins application guides ideal for anyone who needs to improve their digital dentistry 3D printing skills.


Resin library

Dental Model Resin

Formlabs model resin can be used for printing crown and bridge models. It boasts a printing accuracy within ± 35 microns. It is capable of producing sharp contacts and patient-fit removable dies with a polished, opaque appearance.


Surgical Guide Resin

SG resin is a biocompatible 3D printing material ideal to fabricate top-notch surgical implant guides. It produces autoclavable accurate parts.


Dental LT Clear Resin

LT Clear resin is a Class IIa biocompatible photopolymer. It is both wear and fracture resistant. Thus, it is widely used to create custom retainers, occlusal guards, and splints. It can reach optical-grade transparency after polishing.


Castable Wax Resin

Castable Wax is the perfect choice for casting crowns and bridges. With a high grade of accuracy, this castable material doesn’t require post-cure for handling.


Grey Resin

Grey Resin is part of both Formlabs Dental, Jewelry and Standard resins libraries. It produces precise prints with a matte finish and a high level of detail. It enables the production of stiff, accurate models.


Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures resins include both Denture Base and Denture Teeth resins, a couple of budget biocompatible photopolymers. They are used for the fabrication of high-precision printed dentures.