Formlabs Engineering Resins

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Formlabs Engineering Resins

Formlabs Engineering Resins is a set of professional-grade 3D printing materials produced by Formlabs. It includes the proprietary Tough, Durable, Rigid, Grey Pro, Flexible, Elastic, and High Temp resins. It has been developed to provide functional SLA resins for rapid prototyping and engineering applications reducing production costs.

Formlabs Engineering Resins give you wide design flexibility and versatility. They are highly reliable and perform very well under stress. Depending on your project requirements, you are free to choose the resin that best meets your needs. 

Engineers and designers use Formlabs materials to produce a variety of products, including packaging, fixtures, medical devices, wearables, and more. Read on to find out more.


Resin library


This impact-resistant resin perfectly combines stress and strain resistance with compliance. It is used to fabricate functional tools, jigs, and assemblies.



Durable Resin is characterized by low friction and high wear resistance. With great impact and deformation resistance, it produces long-lasting products with a bright surface finish, including packaging, flexures and snap fits.



It is a stiff and accurate glass-filled resin capable of producing clean parts with high deformation resistance and dimensional accuracy. It is commonly used to create turbines, fixtures, tooling, and more. Rigid resin features the highest modulus of all Formlabs resins.


Grey Pro

Grey Pro Resin is a precise, adaptable SLA 3D printing material. It features low creep and reasonable elongation. It is perfect for prototyping and small-parts manufacturing.



This type of photopolymer allows the fabrication of sturdy, flexible parts with a soft-touch finish and matte-black appearance. It is perfect for creating ergonomic, compressible products.



This soft, silicone-like material produces pliable and stretchable products capable of withstanding multiple usage cycles. Also, it is wear-resistant and durable.


High Temp

With great thermal stability, High Temp resin supports high temperatures and hot air flows while producing high-precision parts. It boasts the highest heat deflection temperature among the own-brand materials. It is commonly used to produce molds, housings, and more.