Formlabs Jewelry Resins

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Formlabs Jewelry Resins

Formlabs Jewelry Resins is an SLA 3D printing material library for jewelry design. Composed of four different types of resins, it offers high-resolution and extreme accuracy. It lets you produce both custom try-ons and castable models speeding up the manufacturing workflow while enhancing the customer experience. Indeed, Jewelry Resins, along with digital design and stereolithography printing, enable the efficient production of consistent prints in short times. Also, they allow quick editing and reproduction of bespoke designs cutting down manual labor and lead times. 

Formlabs Jewelry resins are reliable and precise. They are ideal for printing crisp edges, polished surfaces, sharp details and tiny features. Many designers use them for direct investment casting and prototyping.

The library contains two castable resins, Castable and Castable Wax, the High Temp resin, and the standard Grey resin. When printing with Formlabs Jewelry Resins, you will benefit from free white papers, webinars and application guides. Read on to find out more.


Resin library

Castable Wax

Castable Wax Resin is a wax-filled material characterized by clean burnout and capillary details. It can reproduce complex geometries with a smooth surface finish and no visible layers. The final prints can be easily handled without the need for post-curing. It lets you produce multiple batches of castable models.



Castable resin is an investment casting pure polymer. Highly detailed and accurate, it requires post-curing to be handled.


High Temp

High Temp Resin is a stiff and stable material characterized by high-temperature and pressure resistance. It supports the heat of vulcanizing natural rubber.



Grey resin is a general-purpose SLA material capable of reproducing precise parts rich in detail. It is mainly used for the manufacturing of client try-ons. It delivers a matte, aesthetically appealing finish.