Formlabs 3D printers

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Formlabs 3D printers, your passport to the professional 3D printing world

Formlabs has a clear mission: making 3D printing accessible to everyone in any place. An ambitious project made possible by the constant development of cutting-edge technologies able to provide astonishing 3D printing results. Born in Massachusetts, the US company counts now offices worldwide.

With their first model launched on Kickstarter, Formlabs is now selling a range of desktop resin 3D printers. They offer includes LFS Form 3 and Form 3L, Form 2 SLA, and Fuse 1 SLS. These multi-purpose machines are a landmark of the professional 3D printing sector thanks to their convenience and excellent industrial-grade quality at scale. Formlabs 3D models boast advanced features, impressive resolution, high reliability, and performance at a price you can afford. They are able to provide iterative, agile product development to any industry. No wonder that they are suitable for a variety of environments and applications. It is difficult to find something these printers can’t do. Formlabs printers are backed by many positive reviews. Google, Tesla, Sony, Ford, and other big brands have already chosen them, what about you?

With Formlabs printers and high-performance materials, you can make everything you want, from dental 3D printing, jewelry design, and industrial production to the creation of kids toys, funny characters, and musical instruments. They are perfect for rapid prototyping and pre-production tests. In addition, Formlabs machines can be integrated at any stage of the manufacturing process working well for both small and large production.

Formlabs 3D devices

Form 3 is powered by Low Force Stereolithography, a technology that allows achieving high-resolution consistent quality at high speed. The printer has a build volume of 145x145x185mm. The custom Light Processing Unit (LPU), the internal sensors and the system of lenses and mirrors ensure optimal print conditions, reliability, and repeatability. Form 3 supports more than 20 types of resins and provides an automated resin fill system. It always keeps you informed about the status of your print thanks to specific touchscreen and audio alerts, SMS and email via the Dashboard App, and led indicators.

Form 3L is Form 3 big brother. Ensuring same quality and performances, it shares almost the same specs of the 3 version. However, it boasts a larger print size (335x200x300mm) and two LPUs which doubles its laser power.

Form 2 is, indeed, the littlest of the family. It features classic SLA and has a print area of 145x145x175mm. It only includes touchscreen alerts, SMS and email. If paired with advanced automation technology, Form 2 can bring a lot of power and support to the factories of the future. To demonstrate that, Formlabs has set up a special demo, Form Cell, that will convince you.

Fuse 1 SLS is substantial. It works as an industrial-grade system providing excellent outputs in record time. It uses a laser to fuse nylon and produce high-detailed flawless parts. It can build up functional elements within 24 hours. Thanks to the Fuse 1 you can manage prototyping and production processes on your own.

Formlabs also provides a great system to take care of your prints, Form Wash + Cure. Form Wash automatically cleans your 3D parts, you only have to set it up and then, after 15 minutes, your objects will be perfectly finished and ready to be cured. Form cure operates to maximize material properties. You’ll only have to set time and temperature according to the resin used. Form Cure will do the rest.

Software and materials

Formlabs provides you with a print preparation software, PreForm, and a variety of self-produced efficient materials suitable to high-performance functional components.

You’ll only have to design your file, export it in STL or OBJ format and import it into PreForm to start your printing with high-quality resins.

Support plans

The company offers you a wide range of support choices. The standard customer care will help you with all the technical and decision-making issues you may encounter, Pro and Enterprise services are a step beyond your expectations. Engineers and experts will be always at your side to face your printing problems. 

In addition, on Formlabs website and in the official forum, you’ll find a lot of useful information and manuals to start your professional 3D printing experience.

Still skeptical? Experience first hand the quality of Formlabs 3D prints requesting a sample directly online.

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