Hictop 3D printers

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Hictop 3D printers, bring the power of 3D printing technology to your home.

Being one of the top 3D printer and filament producers in China, Hictop enjoys high reputation in the 3D printer industry thanks to its quality products and low prices. We are talking about Cartesian-type 3D printing machines with a bare-bones, all-metal structure which ensures high stability, durability, and reliability. Extremely convenient, the Hictop 3D printers offer a variety of functionalities and are ideal for DIY amateurs, students, designers, and makers as well. Indeed, they can produce professional results with a small investment. If you are seeking a budget 3D printer capable to create functional parts, you have plenty of choices.

The company currently counts eleven different products available for sale, namely, the Hictop 24v D3 Hero, the Hictop DIY 3DP-11, 3DP-12-LV, and 3DP-17-LVFM, the CR-10 series (10, 10S and S5), the D3 pro, the Hictop Desktop 3D Printer, the DUALE 3 and the Ender 3. 

Any of this sound familiar to you? Of course it does. In addition to its proprietary products, Hictop also works in conjunction with other 3D printer manufacturers (e.g Creality 3D and JGAURORA) to provide high-performance devices and expert support to the masses. Some of these collaboration ends up with the creation of Hictop’s faithful replicas of other commercial printers. The CR-10 series is a clear example.

Hictop 3D printers

Hictop devices show an open-box style and a sturdy structure. They are easy to tinker with and can be improved by printing additional parts and upgrades in-house. All printers are solid and reliable and provide good print quality at reasonable prices. Thus, they are perfect for both those who want to dip their toes in the 3D printing waters and for expert printers.

Heated print bed, dual extruders, filament run-out detection, duplication and mirror mode, auto bed leveling, and other extra features might be available according to the specific model you choose. Also, Hictop provides either 3D printer kits or pre-assembled devices. If you opt for a DIY machine, the assembly instructions included will walk you through the assembly process making it a breeze.

In some cases, the company sells different configurations of the same printer according to the printing options and upgrades included, just as in the case of the Prusa i3 models.

Hictop 3D printers support a variety of open-source software for slicing, including Cura, Repetier-Host, and Simplify 3D.

Additional products

Spare parts and top-notch, low-cost filaments complete the product range offering you everything you need to start printing. All the replacement parts and accessories are really cheap. 

Hictop filaments are one of the company flagships. For this reason, it proudly touts the extreme quality and compatibility with all 3d printer brands of its fine and safe materials. The company currently produces standard filaments, exotic and specialty ones, and, also, high-performance materials, including nylon and carbon fiber.

Customer service

Hictop offers active support to every user ensuring excellent aftersale service. On the website, you can find comprehensive video tutorials, useful tips, and troubleshooting methods to easily learn how to deal with any printing issue. An active online community will also back you in case of need.

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