Robo 3D printers

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Robo 3D printers, a new inspiring way to enter the 3D printing universe.

Perfect for business, education, and home use, Robo desktop 3D printers are born to facilitate lives of designers, teachers, makers, and more. Exploiting the potential of technology, these simple and enjoyable to use printers include smart features able to bring any idea to life. Indeed, Robo 3D allows anyone to easily create custom designs thanks to its functional, high-performance devices sold at convenient price. 

After the first launch of the Robo R1 on Kickstarter, the company soon gained notoriety among the 3D printing community. The R1 has even been one of the first 3D printers sold in Costco supermarkets. The San Diego-based company is now selling 4 different devices: Robo R1+, Robo R2, Robo C2, Robo E3, all compatible with the main 3D modeling software. It also produces a variety of accessories and filaments (PLA, speciality filaments, and more) available for sale on their website.

Each printer has been developed to streamline the 3D printing process. Indeed, you only have to prepare your stl 3D file using the slicing software you prefer (Cura, MatterControl, Autodesk Meshmixer, or others) and immediately start your prints. 

According to the customer reviews, when buying a Robo 3D printer you always get what you paid for with some useful extra.

Robo 3D printers

Robo R1+, an upgrade of the R1, is highly flexible. It is a compact and versatile model with high speed and different resolution settings. The plus version prints everything that falls within a build volume of 254x228.6x203.2 mm using a range of more than 30 material types. This printing flexibility is due to the heated print bed with automatic leveling and calibration and to the open source filament system. This means that you won’t go nuts to learn how to calibrate, level or load your machine. 

Robo R2 is a fully assembled smart 3D printer with excellent performances. It features auto bed leveling, Wi-Fi connection, built-in camera, large printing size (197x197x250 mm), filament run-out detection and onboard slicing tool. Its fast setup allows you to print shortly after unboxing. You can even start your prints right from your smartphone using the in-house app. In addition, you will always be able to view the work in progress directly from your mobile device. You might upgrade it adding a dual extruder kit to improve your printing performances.

Similar to the Robo R2, the C2 seems to be its compact version. Indeed, it features almost the same specs but a build volume of 127x127x152.4 mm. It is also extremely easy to setup and clean.

Robo R1+, R2, and C2 include a 1 year free license of Autodesk Fusion 360.

The close-frame E3 printer is mainly aimed at education. It is simple to use, safe, and smart. Thanks to it, students can build their own designs and models and test them right away. It includes the MyStemKits Starter Plan, which incorporates STEM Learning with 3D printing. Learning has never been so easy and funny.

Robo customer service

Customer service is one of the top priorities at Robo. It provides a really good customer service which is at your disposal for life. 

If you are not sure how to fix your Robo printer, how to remove components, how to design your models, how to connect the slicing software, or which are the best operating temperature and settings to print, just ask! You can be sure that all your questions are answered promptly.

Robo boasts a large and active support community where you can find a lot of useful tips to better face any printing issue. 

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