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Einstart 3D printers, the perfect ally to bring your projects to life.

Einstart desktop FDM 3D printer series is designed and manufactured by the China-based Shining 3D. The high-tech company has been focusing on the creation of integrated 3D printing solutions for rapid manufacturing and 3D digitization for years. It provides performance machines to industrial, biomedical, cultural and educational organizations. It aims at improving the product design process and at reducing times and costs of the development cycle. Moving from 3D models to final products is now fast and easy. 

Einstart 3D printers are addressed to educators, students, professionals, and individual users. These sleek desktop devices are highly precise, efficient, stable and, above all, safe.

Whether you are an educator, a hobbyist, or a pro user EinStart printers might be perfect for you.


Shining 3D offer

Shining 3D’s 3D printing offer keeps on growing year after year to always provide cutting-edge services.

The Einstart series includes the Einstart-S, the Einstart-L, and the latest arrival, the Einstart-C 3D printer.

In addition to the desktop product line, the Chinese manufacturer also produces STL 3D printers (EP-3500, EP-A350, EP-A450, EP-A650), SLS machines (EP-P3850, EP-C5050, EP-C7250), DMF devices (EP-M150, EP-M100T, EP-M250) and a DLP printer, the AccuFab-D1.


Einstart 3D series

Einstart-S is suited for personal or home use. Easy-to-use, it is a one-hit-print device. You will be able to have it up-and-running in less than 10 minutes. Its smart control software comes with a bunch of useful quality-of-life features such as print&pause, filament change, and others. It has a build volume of 160 x 160 x 160mm.

The closed-box Einstart-L has a print area of 310x220x200mm. It ensures high-quality, accurate 3D printing results and comes with an intuitive touchscreen. 

The Einstart-C is the next generation of Shining 3D’s desktop 3D printers. It is an upgraded, redesigned version of its predecessors. It is designed to be accessible to everyone bringing more value to the table. It features high quality, ease of use and advanced security options which make it perfect for both professional and personal use. Also, it is well-suited for kids in school adding more fun to their 3D printing learning experience.

It might be considered an entry-level, safe, budget 3D printer, quick and simple to install and user-friendly. It shows an intuitive control board, automatic bed leveling, and wireless connection. Its closed-frame design and its robust structure allow continuous printing for up to 300 hours ensuring exceptional print quality. It comes with a build area of 153 x 153 x 153 mm and a higher printing speed doubling the pace of the Einstart-S.

Whatever your 3D printing needs, Einstart 3D printers will meet them.


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