TEVO 3D Printers

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TEVO 3D printers, the all-in-one affordable 3D printing solution at your fingertips.

The 3D printer China-based manufacturer, TEVO 3D Electronic Technology, has a fair yet ambitious mission: supplying accessible 3D printers to everyone in the world at very good prices.

TEVO aims to be your all-in-one 3D printing solutions store. How? Providing a complete range of 3D printers, spare parts, filaments, assembly instructions, firmwares, and extras. Where? Starting from their headquarters in China and Italy passing through their official site.

This fast-developing company counts 6 product types, all CE, FCC, and ROSH certified. You will surely find yours among them.

TEVO 3D printers

TEVO offer includes either DIY and fully-assembled aluminum printers. They are convenient entry-level machines perfect for beginners or hobbyists due to their price and printing resolution. In addition, they can also reach interesting professional results with a few tweaks.

If you are the sort of person who likes tinker, the Tarantula Pro and the Black Widow kits might be right for you. The two are the most popular TEVO printers and boast a great market price/output ratio.

If you prefer saving time and starting printing just after unboxing, then the Michelangelo, the Little Monster, and the Nereus are your throw-in.

The TEVO Flash and the tornado kits will meet you halfway. Indeed, they are partially assembled and their installation requires no special skill.

No matter what you decide, TEVO always provides you with complete instructions for easy assembly and rapid installation. Just choose your favorite machine and start your printing experience. Don’t miss the boat!

DIY products

The Tarantula Pro is a wallet-friendly DIY kit with an eye for design and detail. Its sporty style will certainly get your attention. It shows an interesting print area considering its low price (235x235x250mm). The Volcano nozzles and the heatbed work remarkably well at good speed. It has no enclosure and, therefore, it is completely accessible from all sides. You can print good quality models with a resolution up to 50 microns using a wide range of filaments (standard and flexible PLA, ABS, PVA, TPU, and more). As the other TEVO 3D printers, it is compatible with the main slicing programs. This means that you can easily hack it adding the features you need. In case of any issue or defective part, TEVO provides all the spare components required to fix your printer and some upgrades (dual extruder kit, large heated plate, etc.).

The open-frame Black Widow is one of the TEVO best-sellers. Robust and simple, it comes with automatic bed leveling. It is composed of just a few components making it exceedingly easy to set-up. As the Tarantula, it supports a variety of materials and a special laser engraving kit sold separately. The Black Widow boast a large printing size of 370x250x300mm.

Almost fully assembled, the Tornado features a build volume of 300x300x400mm and high-accuracy working quality. Its improved hotends make it extremely versatile and suitable for any kind of use.

Last but not least, the TEVO Flash comes half assembled with a 235x235x250mm build volume. It features proximity sensors and a brand new glass-ceramic heatbed which ensures fast heating and better printing results. You can choose among two different bed leveling options, standard or automatic one.

Pre-assembled models

The Little Monster has a big build volume of 340x500mm and a printing speed of 250 mm/s. It has a pause-resume function to protect your work in case of blackouts and an easy configuration setup thanks to its open-source Smoothieware firmware. It works at a recommended temperature of 200° and produces smooth high-quality results.

The Michelangelo is compact in design and light-weighted. It is designed to satisfy market needs for portable printing machines. It works at a good speed starting from an ultra-accurate zero positioning. It has a small-sized build volume of 150 x 150 x 150mm.

The Nereus is a multifunction printer exceedingly easy to install. It works as click-and-print device and offers a wealth of connectivity choices. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, you can start your prints with any web-enabled device and at any time.

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