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Gmax 3D printers, think it big and build it bigger.


Fed up with splitting their 3D models into smaller parts, in 2012, gCreate team produced its first large format desktop 3D printer, the gMax. Their main focus was on creating a device able to produce any 3D project without a size limit. Since the launch of the first gMax kit, gCreate has been constantly developing, upgrading and optimizing its cutting-edge machines, allowing anyone to print larger objects of any dimensions within a huge print area. Now the company sells some of the top large-format 3D printers on the market.

The first gMax was made with parts printed using a RepRap printer. This means that users had the chance to upgrade it simply by printing custom enhancements on their own. Same is true for the latest gMax 3D printers that have all been designed for self-modifications and on-demand customizations.

gMax 3D printer specs


Each gMax new edition is an evolution of the previous ones. The latest model, the gMax 2 PRO, is an upgrade of the gMax 2. Both models share some common features, such as a sturdy aluminum frame, huge build volume of 457 x 457 x 610 mm, and glass fiber reinforced heated print bed with BuildTak surface. However, there have been several notable upgrades over the gMax 2 model. While it was equipped with an E3D V6 300 °C hotend and could print with a wide range of thermoplastics, the gMax 2 PRO model boasts even higher performance, being capable of high-temp printing up to 400 °C, which makes its material compatibility literally unlimited. The optional enclosure makes for more reliable printing results and prevents temperature fluctuations. The high-temperature single extruder can easily be replaced with one of two dual-extruder options for multi-material printing.

gMax 3D printers print smoothly and quietly just after unboxing. Their setup and installation are extremely easy, you will encounter no particular issues while starting them up. According to the countless reviews, you can barely hear a gMax printer when it is running.

Speaking of price, gMax products offer good value for money. We are not talking about low-cost devices, but a long-term investment that evolves according to your personal needs. This means you always get what you pay for.

Software compatibility and support

gMax 3d printers are compatible with all of the major slicing software like Cura, Simplify3D, Solidworks, and more. Moreover, the printer firmware is open-source and easily upgradable. 

If you have any question about how to use your gMax printer or how to upgrade it, you’ll only have to contact gCreate customer care. Indeed, their fast and responsive support always knows how to have you covered.

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