3DCeram C900 HYBRID 3D Printer

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Multi-material machine for small series and prototyping
  • Prints up to 4 materials at once
  • Compatible with metals and polymers
  • Powerful 2 kW laser
  • User-friendly operation
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Integrated Lab Mode for developments
  • 3DMix Alumina Toughened Zirconia
  • Spare parts kit
  • Build-It software plug-in
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The 3DCeram C900 HYBRID is an industrial SLA machine capable of multi-material printing and producing high-quality accurate prototypes and functional parts from a wide variety of ceramics in combination with metals and polymers. It aims at quick and user-oriented serial production as an alternative to conventional AM methods, since the produced parts have the same properties as those produced by molding, machining, and injection. For the standard option, check out the C900 FLEX model.

The C900 HYBRID provides extended manufacturing capabilities and increased print quality. The machine comes with several types of dispenser systems, from needle valve to micro dispensing system. Among other advanced features, the printer offers the Lab Mode for research and developments as well as a special system of minimum consumption of materials — SAM (Small Amount of Material). With the latter, only 100 ml of ceramic is enough to start a print session. The company’s consumables can also be reused after filtering, making for increasingly cost-effective green manufacturing.

3DCeram C900 HYBRID

Apart from the mentioned benefits, the C900 HYBRID features a capacious build chamber alongside a convenient design, which makes it perfect for the majority of labs, workshops, and facilities. Thanks to the high-precision laser and verified building mechanism, the machine is characterized by accurate and consistent outputs. 

The flexible multi-purpose software with a set of user-friendly tools, such as the unique Free Link technology, ensures intuitive file preparation and slicing with no specific CAD skills required. Moreover, it includes the printer’s hybrid functions allowing one to control all processes without additional programs.

a white models printed on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

Due to its multi-material printing capabilities, large build volume, advanced laser power and precision as well as easy operation, the C900 HYBRID is ideal for small-scale serial production and prototyping. The 3D printer can be used in industry and research to produce high-quality models and functional parts in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

Using a ceramics 3D printer in contrast to traditional AM technologies may benefit you in several ways. First, they allow you to make quick changes in construction when needed. Then, ceramic SLA enables building products with complex individual shapes without loss in quality. Finally, the machines based on this technology support custom materials with an individual composition of additives. Thus, you can achieve unique properties of the manufactured products, which is particularly important for some industries.


Print quality

The 3DCeram C900 HYBRID can sinter layers with a minimum thickness of 10 microns that can be further adjusted to the user’s needs. Compared to its counterparts from the compact C101 series, the printer is equipped with a more powerful 2 kW laser with a finer spot diameter of 35 microns to ensure even higher accuracy, uniformity, and detail of the printed items, which makes it great for the most demanding spheres, such as, for example, healthcare.

a white model printed on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

The hybrid system allows the model to print a second, or more, material at the same time making for additional level of reliability and support in case with complex structures requiring sacrificial layers. The parameters for all materials can be adjusted according to the user’s needs and specifications.

a print quality on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

Generally, the machine is based on top-down stereolithography, which allows it to print without mechanically attached supports. Thus, the C900 is able to produce consistent parts with high precision and smooth surfaces.

a top-down stereolithography on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

The latter greatly reduces manual labor at the cleaning and post-processing stages of production.

a model printed on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID



The C900 HYBRID model is able to print up to four materials simultaneously on the same layer. The additional material could be a ceramic, a metal, or a polymer. 

a different materials on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

Similar to other company’s devices, the machine works with 3DCeram’s self-developed ceramics with decent properties that favor a regular feeding of the printer and suit various applications. Their technical characteristics allow obtaining homogeneous layers for a maximum quality of the printed products.

a materials on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

The 3DMix materials boast good mechanical properties, such as strength, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, etc. They guarantee a level of quality recognized by the most demanding industries and can be effectively used for biomedical, aerospace, and research applications as well as prototyping and manufacturing of reliable end-use parts.

The machine is fully compatible with the following formulations: Alumina, Zirconia, Silicore, Cordierite, Silicon Nitride, and more.


Build volume

a build volume on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

The C900 HYBRID 3D printer is engineered with a capacious build area of 11.8 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches (300 x 300 x 100 mm). It lets you print small to medium items as a whole, without splitting them into several parts, or smaller objects in batches. This makes for sufficient production speed and effective material usage.


Printer controls

The C900 HYBRID 3D printer can be operated via a built-in control unit with a clear and user-friendly interface. The machine also supports USB connectivity and remote functions allowing one to smoothly control and monitor the process. It comes with an emergency stop button on the front panel.

a printer controls on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

The printer is supplied with the multifunctional Build-It plug-in for CPS (Ceramaker Printer Software) to prepare files for 3D printing in a convenient and intuitive way. The program provides a variety of useful and time-saving functions, including those related to hybrid printing as well as the innovative Free Link technology — a smart support adapted to complex geometries exclusive to 3DCeram.

a Ceramaker Printer Software on the 3DCeram C900 HYBRID

In addition, the plug-in contains the following handy tools: quality analysis, automatic repair in one click, translation and rotation, scaling, Z compensation, editing pockets and ribs, duplication, etc. The software works with files in the STL format.


Look and feel

3DCeram C900 HYBRID

The 3DCeram C900 HYBRID model is available in white with red trimmings. Its stylish look makes it ideal for a wide range of professional applications within multiple industries, including biomedical, aerospace, engineering, scientific research, and more.

The printer dimensions are 41.7 x 88.6 x 80.3 in (1060 x 2250 x 2040 mm). It weighs approximately 3197 lb (1450 kg).



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