Anycubic 355-410nm Blue Eco-resin - 1L

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A plant-based, eco-friendly resin
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Ultra-low odor
  • Compatible with 3rd-party DLP printers
  • Low energy of activation
  • Low shrinkage rate
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Material Specs
  • Color: Blue 
  • Wavelength: 355-410nm
  • Curing time: 8-10s
  • 1L bottle
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Anycubic blue eco-resin is a plant-based 3D printing material tailored to LCD light source. It is a biodegradable UV-sensitive photopolymer made from soybean oil. Both eco-friendly and user-friendly, it emits an ultra-low odor you can barely smell. Also, it isn’t toxic. This means anyone can use it either at home or in the office.

With a low shrinkage rate and quick curing time, blue eco-resin prints beautifully. It reproduces sharp details and clean surfaces with high-precision. The light blue color finish is vivid and bright. Sensitive to a wavelength range of 355 to 410nm, you can use it on the most popular LCD/DLP 3D printers, including the own-brand Photon and Photon S resin printers.

Anycubic blue eco-resin comes in 1L packs. It is used to produce a variety of models, including dental devices, jewelry, daily objects, architectural models, and others. Continue reading our complete review.

One user tested his new blue eco-resin just after unboxing. Here are the results. The resin printed very well delivering some good-looking models. 

Credit: @u/Tripandslip / Reddit



Anycubic blue eco-resin

Anycubic 355-410nm blue eco-resin can be exposed to a wavelength range from 355 to 410nm. The bottom layer exposure should range between 60 and 80 seconds. The normal curing time ranges from 8 to 10s. After printing a part, you should wash it in alcohol for at least 30 seconds. 

The plant-based resin comes in a 1L bottle, which should always be shaken before use. It lasts up to 12 months if properly stored in a sealed container away from direct light.

Here is another first impression on the Anycubic plant-based resin. Printed using the Anycubic’s recommended print settings, the eco-resin printed pretty well.

Credit: @u/chaklong / Reddit


Technical specs

  • Hardness: 84D
  • Viscosity: 150-300 MPa*s (25°C)
  • Shrinkage: 3.72-4.24%
  • Solid Density: 1.184 g/cm3
  • Bending strength: 59-70 MPa
  • Extension Strength: 36-52 MPa
  • Vitrification Temp: 100°C
  • Thermal Deformation: 80°C
  • Elongation at Break: 11%-20%
  • Thermal Expansion: 95*E-6


Color specs

  • Color name: Blue 
  • Color attribute: Solid
  • Net Weight: 1L 


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