Anycubic 405nm green casting resin - 500ml

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An efficient castable resin
  • High-temperature resistance
  • High solidification speed
  • Low shrinkage rate
  • Tight-fit outputs
  • Low energy of activation
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Material Specs
  • Color: Green
  • Wavelength: 405nm
  • Curing time: 15-20s
  • 500ml bottle
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Anycubic green casting resin is a castable photopolymer produced by the Chinese Anycubic. It is a 405nm resin targeted to digital dentistry and jewelry design. Its high-temperature resistance makes it ideal for the production of tight-fit dental models.

It is a reliable, rigid resin with good toughness. Both stiff and tough, it is easy to remove from the build platform. The low shrinkage rate reduces the risk of printing failures while granting high-precision results after casting.

It is suitable for printing on both Anycubic Photon and Photon S LCD resin printers. Also, it can be used on the most common LCD/DLP 3D printing devices available on the market. It is supplied in 500ml bottles. It can be stored for up to 12 months preserving its properties. Scroll down for further information.



Anycubic 405nm green casting resin

Anycubic green casting resin should be cured within a time range of 15-20s. It comes in 500ml bottles. Due to its UV light sensitivity, it should be stored in a sealed container and kept away from sunlight and dust. If properly stored, it lasts up to 1 year.

For the best results, shake up the resin bottle before printing.


Color specs

  • Color name: Green
  • Color attribute: Solid
  • Net Weight: 500ml


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