Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus 3D Printer

An upgraded version of the Anycubic Kossel
  • Open-source firmware
  • Low price point
  • Automatic bed leveling
  • Stable and accurate linear guides
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  • FREE Delivery
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Local U.S. Support
  • Up to 20% Filament Discount
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • All parts required to assemble the printer
  • Heated bed with BuildTak-like surface
  • 1kg PLA filament
  • All the necessary tools
Price: $229.00
Lead time is 3-7 business days.

Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus is an FDM delta 3D printer kit. It is an enhanced version of the Anycubic Kossel. It ships flat-pack and is quite easy to assemble. Indeed, it is composed of only 7 modular elements to put together. You will get it up and running in around 2 hours. The overall quality and stability of the kit are good. It is made with aluminum profiles and high-quality, injection-molded ABS parts.

Unlike its predecessor, the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus is engineered with a larger heated bed of 230 x 230 x 270 mm. Still, it employs linear guides instead of pulleys. This means it provides more stability and accuracy. Despite its low price, this delta 3D printer features an automatic bed leveling system. It also includes a fitted LCD display for easy operation. The BuildTak-like bed surface grants optimum print layer adhesion.

Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus is a popular 3D printing device used by either professionals and amateurs worldwide. It is backed by a lot of positive reviews. Continue reading for additional information.

One maker printed a Xenomorph XX121 figure from the Alien movie. Here is how it looked like after post-processing.

Another user 3D printed this cool Bullet Banzai. Despite some visible layering, it looks really accurate and well-defined.

Credit: @printer_of_3d / Instagram



  • Print quality
  • Materials
  • Build volume
  • Printer controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Print quality

The Anycubic Kossel Plus is an FDM 3D printer that can print layers at 100 microns. The surface finish is not as smooth as you get with the more expensive printers, but is more than enough for prototyping and household use. The device features high-quality stepper motors and an automatic leveling module, which streamlines the bed platform calibration making for higher printing accuracy. 

One maker printed a turbo compressor. It is characterized by good dimensional stability and high precision of the parts. Also, it actually works.

The Anycubic Kossel Plus has a 0.4 mm nozzle, giving you the best balance between speed and detail. Looking at the below-pictured castle you can notice the high level of detail the Anycubic Kossel Plus is capable of.

Credit: @printer_of_3d / Instagram

The Kossel Linear Plus is a delta-type 3D printer equipped with a quality carbon rod, linear guides, and a suspended filament holder. The low-friction and high stability of the linear system along with the high-strength, lightweight carbon rod make for high speed, accurate 3D printing over time. The suspended supply rack improves the ease of use of the printer. The minimal vibration of the print bed increases print quality.



Anycubic Kossel Plus prints with ABS, HIPS, PLA, Wood and other materials. 

The extruder comes with a dual-fan system for printing with PLA-type materials. The enhanced cooling system reduces warping, stringing and, generally, makes for higher quality prints.

The printer can accurately and reliably print with both PLA and ABS filaments thanks to its aluminum heated bed with a BuildTak-like sticker.

The bed can heat up to 100°C. It heats homogeneously reducing the risk of edge warping. For example, the model below is composed of PLA- and ABS-made parts assembled together.

Credit: @3dicubic / Instagram

To ensure high reproducibility, we recommend installing an enclosed print chamber. This way the print quality would not be affected by temperature fluctuations as a result of drafts and other factors.

The Anycubic Kossel Plus prints with 1.75 mm filament, providing you with a wide choice of materials.


Build volume

Credit: @d8v3.33 / Instagram

The build area is 9.1 x 10.6 inches (230 x 230 x 300 mm print area). It lets you print a variety of small-to-medium products. Larger models can be printed in parts and then assembled using acetone (for ABS) or glue (for PLA).


Printer controls

The printer is controlled via the built-in LCD interface. 

3D models can be printed from computer via SD card and USB. 

The printer works with the Cura software slicer. It supports 3D models in GCode, STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF formats. The software is available for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux.


What’s in the box

  • Kossel Linear Plus main components 
  • Heated print bed
  • Power supply
  • 1kg PLA filament
  • A spool filament holder
  • An LCD display
  • An SD card
  • An English-language manual

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

Anycubic Kossel Plus is available in black color. Its stylish look makes ideal for both home and professional use.

The printer dimensions are 14,96 x 14,96 x 26.77 inches (380 × 380 × 680 mm). It weighs 15.4 lb (7kg). The spool holder is mounted separately of the printer.



The price Anycubic Kossel Plus is $229.00 USD, which is reasonable considering its functionality.

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