Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO 3D Printer

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Industrial large-format concrete 3D printer
  • Huge build volume
  • 3 pumping systems available
  • Dedicated software
  • Precise and repeatable printing results
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Automated pumping system
  • Software
  • Consumable (1 ton)
  • Print bed
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The Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO is an industrial 3D printer with a large build volume that prints with mortars. Providing high printing precision and repeatability, the machine is a versatile professional tool to be used in different fields such as design, architecture, construction, and education.

The MiniPrinter PRO is based on cartesian kinematics with a 3-axis gantry. The extruder can be easily removed for cleaning or nozzle changing. Available nozzle diameters vary from 10 to 30 mm depending on the required printing precision, and besides, there is a possibility to add custom-made tips for specific tasks.

Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

The mortar is delivered with an automated pumping system which is available in three options, the choice depending on the intensity of printing. The first option (Access pack) is a wet hopper pump suitable for low-volume printing. This most compact and affordable system requires pre-mixing of the material and is compatible with all types of 3D printing mortars. Another option (Research pack) is a double mixing pump fed with dry material, which automatically mixes the mortar and pumps it with continuous flow rate. This pumping system is suitable for high volume printing. And the most advanced Production pack includes the same pumping system as the Research pack and the automated silo for dry material with a capacity of 1.2 m³. This pumping system allows for automated material feeding and is meant for industrial printing.

a production pack on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO


Print quality

The MiniPrinter PRO is based on material extrusion technology, continuously depositing layers of concrete with one of the three available pumping systems. With the motion accuracy of 1 mm and Z-axis resolution of 5 mm, the printer ensures reliable and stable printing with the quality more than enough for this type of 3D printing. Print speed up to 250 mm/s and various nozzle sizes make for industrial-grade manufacturing of concrete models.

a print quality on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

a model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

a white model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

a guitar model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO



The MiniPrinter PRO uses mortars as printing material. Constructions-3D offers two types of proprietary materials adapted for different pumping systems. Besides, you can use any type of third-party mortars if they suit the pumping system requirements. It is possible to print with soft fiber-filled materials with the fiber contents up to 2%. The printer comes with 1 ton of proprietary Constructions-3D mortar premix.

a materials on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO


Build volume

a build volume on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

The build volume of the MiniPrinter PRO is 1200 x 1200 x 1200 mm, which is enough to create fairly large objects, such as furniture or design elements as a single piece.

a different models printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO


Printer controls and software

The printer is operated via a remote control display with control interface allowing for real-time monitoring of printer and pump performance. It provides information about pump hose pressure, temperature, and mortar mixing status. It can also display the current nozzle speed, printing progress, and other parameters.

a printer controls on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

Constructions-3D has developed the dedicated Constructions-3D Slicer software specifically for its concrete 3D printers. The slicer provides all the necessary editing tools, including model scaling and orientation or 3D visualization and processing of STL, DXF, and G-code files. It also allows adjusting printing parameters such as nozzle speed or layer height.


What’s in the box

Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO kit

  • Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO
  • Pumping system (3 options available)
  • Dedicated software

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Look and feel

The Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO is available in metal-gray color. Its industrial look makes it ideal for any production floor.

Constructions-3D MiniPrinter PRO

The machine dimensions are 82.7 x 70.9 x 82.7 in (2100 x 1800 x 2100 mm).



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