Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU 3D Printer

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Concrete 3D printer for education and research
  • Comprehensive educational and research tool
  • Dedicated software
  • Compatible with third-party materials
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use operation
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Pumping system
  • Software
  • Material (1 ton)
  • All the necessary parts
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The Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU is a concrete 3D printer with a smaller build volume compared to the PRO version. The EDU model was designed primarily for the construction educational sector, so that students could acquire the necessary construction 3D printing skills and learn the entire production cycle on a smaller-scale machine. Research and Development teams in the construction industry can also benefit from the use of the MiniPrinter EDU, since the machine allows experimenting with different types of materials, finding optimal solutions for emerging printing tasks.

The MiniPrinter EDU features cartesian kinematics with a 3-axis gantry and open durable frame.

The mortar is delivered with an automated pumping system which requires pre-mixing of the material and is compatible with all types of 3D printing mortars.

Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU

The pump provides an average flow rate of 5 L/min, reaching a maximum of 50 L/min. It allows for a maximum particle size of 6 mm and is compatible with fiber-filled materials, where the fiber content does not exceed 2%.

Below are some models printed on the MiniPrinter EDU. 

a model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU

a model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU


Print quality

The MiniPrinter EDU is based on material extrusion technology and uses an automated pumping system to feed concrete mortar to be deposited in a layer-by-layer manner. The machine is capable of producing high-quality models with the accuracy of 0.5 cm at fast speed reaching 300 mm/s.

a print quality on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU

a grey model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU

a black model printed on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU



The MiniPrinter EDU can print with mortars, plasters, and glues. Constructions-3D offers proprietary mortars, but you are free to use any type of third-party monocomponent printing materials that suit the pump system requirements. 1 ton of proprietary Constructions-3D mortar premix is supplied with the machine.

a materials on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU


Build volume

The build volume of the MiniPrinter EDU is 615 x 520 x 600 mm, which is more compact compared to the PRO version but still enough to create medium-sized architectural and design objects.

a build volume on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU


Printer controls and software

The dedicated Constructions-3D Slicer software was developed specifically for concrete 3D printers. The slicer provides all the necessary editing tools, including model scaling and orientation or 3D visualization and processing of STL, DXF, and G-code files. It also allows adjusting printing parameters such as nozzle speed or layer height.

a printer controls on the Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU


What’s in the box

Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU kit

  • Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU
  • Pumping system
  • Mortar premix
  • Dedicated software

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Look and feel

The Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU is available in metal-gray color. Its industrial yet compact open-frame design makes it ideal for any educational institute, research lab, or production floor.

Constructions-3D MiniPrinter EDU

The machine dimensions are 56,3 x 41.7 x 49.6 in (1430 x 1060 x 1260 mm). It weighs approximately 116.8 lb (53 kg).



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