Creality CP-01 3 in 1 3D Printer

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3-in-1 modular 3D printer
  • Decent build volume: 200 x 200 x 200mm
  • Multiple laser voltages compatibility
  • Fast rotational speed for CNC operation
  • Hackable and upgradable
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • All the parts necessary to assemble the printer
  • Print head
  • Laser engraver
  • CNC cutter
Price: $599.99
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The Creality CP-01 is a multifunction 3-in-1 device produced by the popular Creality 3D. It works as an FDM 3D printer, laser engraver, and CNC machine. Switching from a function to another is pretty simple thanks to the modular design with interchangeable toolheads. The three modules feature a universal connector and can be replaced in only 30 seconds. 

The Creality CP-01 comes as a kit with the main units pre-assembled. You’ll only have to screw the base unit and the top frame together to have it up and running in minutes. The printer structure consists of industrial-grade V-slot aluminum profiles with pulleys and adopts a full belt drive. This makes for great stability, precise movement, and durability. The machine is engineered with Ming Wei power supply with auto-adaptive voltage regulation. The modular frame enables further upgrades and improvements. The fitted touch screen makes for easy operation.

As a desktop 3D printer, it provides a decent print volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm. It is equipped with a manually-calibrated heated print bed. The leveling process can be performed through ergonomic easy-leveling nuts. One of the CP-01 3D printer noteworthy features surely is the resume printing option.  In case of a power outage, it lets you restart a job from where it stopped without affecting the final print quality.

As a laser engraver, it supports different laser powers. This makes it capable of processing a wide selection of materials. The CNC module features a fast rotational speed, which makes for smooth surfaces and neat details.

The Creality CP-01 is a versatile consumer-grade machine that works pretty well. It sells at a good price point, being ideal for both hobbyists and makers. Let’s read our CP-01 review to learn more about its functions.

One user engraved this amazing artwork on a 3mm-thick plywood sheet. Look how accurate and extremely detailed it is.

Credit: @aviagorizont_ / Instagram

The same user 3D printed some breathing masks with filter. They turned out dimensionally accurate and smooth.

Credit: @aviagorizont_ / Instagram



  • Processing quality
  • Materials
  • Build volume
  • Printer controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Processing quality


The Creality CP-01 is a desktop FDM 3D printer that can print layers at 100 microns. The surface finish is not as smooth as you get with the more expensive printers, but is more than enough for prototyping and household use.

The all-metal modular structure makes for stable performance and precision. This results in decent print quality and good level of detail. The device can print at a speed of up to 80mm/s.

Credit: @dereki / Instagram

The Creality CP-01 comes stock with a single 0.4 mm nozzle, giving you the best balance between speed and detail. It can be equipped with a set of different nozzles, ranging from 0.6mm to 1.2mm in diameter.

The machine adopts a full belt drive, a 42-40 stepper motor, and a 42-34 threaded rod motor for stable performance and steady movement. The print head runs on V-slot profiles with pulleys. This makes the design more simple, lightweight and effective, all characteristics that are desirable in a 3D printer.


CNC carving/cutting

With a spindle speed of 4,800 rpm and good positioning accuracy, the CNC cutting module lets you produce artworks with top-notch finishes and neat edges. It is capable of shaping a broad range of materials, from soft to hard ones.

Credit: @aviagorizont_ / Instagram

The machine features a drill chuck clamping range of 0 to 4mm.


Laser engraving

The Creality CP-01 3-in-1 can be equipped with lasers of different powers. When in laser engraving mode, the device benefits from precise positioning, reducing the risk of deviations and making for higher quality results.



The Creality CP-01 is equipped with a 260°C extruder and a print bed that can heat up to 100°C. It prints with PLA, ABS, PVA, and TPU filaments of 1.75mm in diameter, a standard size for most of the consumables commercially available.

This Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has been printed on both a Creality CP-01 and Anycubic i3 Mega using PLA, PLA+ and ABS.

Credit: @aviagorizont_ / Instagram

To ensure high reproducibility, we recommend installing an enclosure. This way the print quality would not be affected by temperature fluctuations as a result of drafts and other factors.

The machine adopts an HRC55 4F tungsten steel milling cutter. It can carve, cut and engrave almost any kind of material, including wood, paper, PCB, plastic, leather and more. 

Credit: @aviagorizont_ / Instagram


Build volume

The print area of 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches (200 x 200 x 200 mm) lets you produce medium-sized 3D models without splitting them into parts. The CNC cutting head works on a surface of 7.87 x 7.87 inches (200 x 200 mm), while the laser engraving area measures 3.93 x 7.48 inches (100 x 190mm).


Printer controls

On the top bottom of the machine, a built-in 4.3-inch touch screen lets you directly operate the device. The intuitive, icon-based interface makes for seamless user experience.

The CP-01 can work both online via a USB-paired computer or offline through a TF card.

The printer software runs on Windows (XP and above), Mac OS, and Linux. As a 3D printing slicing software, you can use both Cura or Simplify3D. Indeed, the Creality CP-01 supports STL, OBJ, and AMF files. It can engrave and cut files in SVG, BMP, NG, PG, and DXF formats.


What’s in the box

The Creality CP-01 3-in-1 3D printer kit includes:

  • Creality CP-01 top frame
  • Creality CP-01 base unit
  • Print head
  • Laser engraver
  • CNC cutter

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The Creality CP-01 comes with an all-black aluminum open frame. Its stylish look makes it ideal for maker spaces, small labs, hobbyists’ benchtops, and more.

The package dimensions are 24.8 x 18.31 x 9.84 inches ( 630 x 465 x 250 mm). The printer weighs 22.04 lb (10 kg).



The price of the Creality CP-01 is $599.99, which is reasonable considering its multiple functionality and good performance.


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