Creality Ender-3 3D printer

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An upgradable budget printer
  • Great print quality
  • Extreme affordability
  • Resume printing feature
  • Infinite upgrades and mods
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  • FREE Delivery
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Local U.S. Support
  • Up to 20% Filament Discount
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • All parts required to build the printer
  • A PLA sample
  • A print removal tool
  • A box of accessory
Price: $189.00
Shipped in mid April

The Creality Ender-3 is a personal FDM 3D printer kit used by beginners, hobbyists, and students. Its setup is extremely easy and intuitive, it will be ready to print in less than 30 minutes. It perfectly fuses quality and affordability being ideal both for school and home settings. The Ender-3 is an open-source printer entirely upgradable. It sports some useful features normally available in high-end devices, such as Bowden extruder, fast heating bed, full-aluminum frame, and thermal runaway protection. It’s been used to print a wide variety of models, such as product structure design, toy modeling, architectural design, and parts manufacturing.

For example, one user printed this 24 cm height bust of Darth Vader. As you can see, it shows good extrusion with no stringing or noticeable tags.

24 cm height bust of Darth Vader

Credit: @stephla3d / Instagram


Another user ran a functional parts test printing a nut and bolt. The two perfectly fit together: they freely turn and lock up.

a nut and bolt




  • Print quality
  • Materials
  • Build volume
  • Printer controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Print quality

The Creality Ender-3 is an FDM 3D printer that can print layers at 100 microns. The surface finish is not as smooth as you get with the more expensive printers, but is more than enough for prototyping and household use. Its sturdy design and its rigidity ensure more precision and stable performance. The Bowden-style extrusion system makes the extruder lighter providing faster and better prints. While the power cut detection gives you the possibility to resume prints in case of a power failure.


spiderman in gold color

Credit: @christophesalgueiro / Instagram


The Creality Ender-3 has a 0.4 mm nozzle, giving you the best balance between speed and detail.

a 0.4 mm nozzle



The print head runs on rails, which makes printing reliable, fast and precise.

Here’s a replica of the Colosseum made with marble filament:

a replica of the Colosseum

Credit: @3drdprint / Instagram



Creality Ender-3 prints with PLA, ABS, TPU and other materials. 

The extruder comes with a fan for printing with PLA-type materials. By cooling the model down, it reduces warping, stringing and, generally, makes for higher quality prints.

3d dog model



The Creality Ender-3 has a heated print bed, which ensures proper bed adhesion and makes it suitable for printing with ABS-type materials, an uncommon feature for inexpensive machines. Leveling the bed is a total breeze thanks to the large, built-in knobs that make the build plate easier to level.

At All3DP they tried to print a flexible Rex with ABS filament. According to them, the ABS test printing went off with a roar.

a flexible Rex



To ensure high reproducibility, we recommend installing an enclosed print chamber. This way the print quality would not be affected by temperature fluctuations as a result of drafts and other factors. With a regulated space, you will get the best from your printer.

Creality Ender-3



The Creality Ender-3 prints with 1.75 mm filament, providing you with a wide choice of materials. It is also compatible with flexible filaments thanks to its tiny filament path.

1.75 mm filament



Build volume


Build volume



The build area of 8.7 x 8.7 x 9.8 inches (220 x 220 x 250 mm) is sufficiently large to let you print most things you'll want to print. Just have a look at this cool spiral vase.


this cool spiral vase

Credit: @alaska3dprinting / Instagram


Printer controls

The printer is controlled via a built-in LCD Screen with adjustment knob. It gives you easy access to all the main printing settings.

3d printer controls


3D models can be printed from a computer over USB or with the SD card.

SD card



3d model on the computer



The printer supports G-code files from any software. It works really well with the Cura slicer which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


What’s in the box


What’s in the box


  • Frame components
  • Base of the printer
  • Tools for the assembly of the Creality Ender-3
  • Some spare parts
  • Spatula for removing the print from the glass bed
  • Fine point needle to clean ends
  • LCD Screen with adjustment knob
  • PLA filament sample
  • Spool holder
  • SD card and card reader
  • USB power cable
  • AC power cord
  • User manual

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel


Creality Ender-3



Creality Ender-3 is available in black. Its stylish look makes it ideal for home use, maker labs, and schools.

The printer dimensions are 17.3 x 16.1 x 18.3 inches (439 x 409 x 465 mm). It weighs 15 lb (6.9 kg). The spool holder is mounted on the top of the frame.


The price of the Creality Ender-3 is $189.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality.

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