ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer

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Enhanced Mars 3 version for improved printing experience
  • Powerful COB light source
  • 4K monochrome LCD screen
  • Large build volume yet small footprint
  • Increased adhesion for reliable production
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Essential parts required for operation
  • All the necessary tools
  • Integrated air purifier
  • 2 extra FEP2.0 films
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The ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro is a professional MSLA resin 3D printer. It is a recent addition to the company’s well-known Mars series. Being an anticipated upgrade of the previous Mars 3 model, this version provides several important improvements, including a superior light source, integrated air filter, and replaceable anti-scratch tempered glass. The machine is aimed at increased detailing, consistent print quality, and stable performance.

To achieve these purposes, the Mars 3 Pro is equipped with an Ultra 4K mono LCD screen with enhanced light transmittance, powerful COB lens with added Fresnel lens ensuring great light uniformity, and capacious build volume despite its compact footprint providing the user with freedom to produce small-to-large models as a whole. The 4K resolution and decent printing speed make for the printer’s remarkable efficiency.

ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Among other smart solutions, the machine offers a number of quality-of-life features, among which are: an effective air purifier with a built-in active carbon filter that actively absorbs the resin odor and pungent fumes, сopper heat tubes and potent cooling fan with faster heat transfer and better cooling efficiency making for extended lifespan of the device, and compatibility with the popular Chitubox slicer. The open material system allows using a wide range of consumables with different properties to get the desired outcomes.

a model printed on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Due to its ability to produce top-quality, highly detailed models in an intelligent, convenient, and cost-effective way, the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro is a great device for personal and professional applications in various creative spheres, including modeling, prototyping, low volume production, and more.


Print quality

The ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro model can print layers with heights ranging from 10 to 200 microns due to the printer’s powerful light source. It consists of the upgraded free-form surface COB lens incorporating 36 highly integrated UV LED lights and Fresnel lens delivering an even beam of 405nm wavelength with 92% light uniformity. This way you can produce accurate models with smooth exterior surfaces and a high level of detail.

a print quality on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Moreover, the machine is equipped with an industry-leading 6.6" 4K monochrome LCD screen with 4098 x 2560 px resolution. Thanks to the replaceable anti-scratch 9H hardness tempered glass, the printer boasts better light transmittance and reliable screen protection. To further improve adhesion and stability of printing, the Mars 3 Pro comes with non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws, a sandblasted oxide surface build plate, and PFA release liner.

a build plate on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Taking into account the above mentioned features, one can expect premium-level quality of the printed items at a generally affordable price. For example, check out these intricate items with their details restored to the greatest extent.

a grey models printed on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Credit: @dontdrinkresin / Instagram



The ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro features universal material compatibility. The machine can consistently print with a wide range of 405 nm UV resins ensuring outstanding dimension accuracy, surface quality, and low deformation rate, which is particularly great for complex and highly detailed models, just like the ones in the photo below.

a materials on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro


Build volume

a build volume on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Credit: Uncle Jessy / YouTube

The ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro offers a large build area of 5.64 x 3.52 x 6.89 inches (143.36 x 89.6 x 175 mm) that lets you produce a single large model or a wide variety of small-to-medium sized prints in batches without the need of splitting them, which makes for time-saving and increased productivity.


Printer controls

The ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro 3D printer features a 3.5" color touchscreen with a clear menu structure and user-friendly interface. Data input is performed through the USB port.

a printer controls on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

Credit: Just Vlad / YouTube

The device is powered by the professional full-featured Chitubox slicing software for SLA, DLP, and LCD devices. It is regularly updated and provides all the necessary tools for easy 3D model editing in just four clicks. The program is versatile, potent, and at the same time highly intuitive to use. Among its functions are rotation, scaling, mirroring, repairing, hollowing, cloning, and hole digging as well as effective slicing with a preview feature, multi-model processing, and support adding with shaping, calibrating thickness and density.

a software on the ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

The slicer supports multiple 3D file formats, such as STL, OBJ, CBDDLP, SLC, WOW, FHD, CWS, SVGX, LGS, CFG, and much more. The program in its Basic (free) and Pro versions is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


What’s in the box

ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro kit

Credit: Just Vlad / YouTube

  • ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro 3D printer 
  • Build platform
  • Resin tank
  • UV cover
  • Power adapter
  • Power cable
  • Mini Air Purifier (active carbon filter)
  • Plier
  • Scraper (x2)
  • Pair of gloves
  • Mask (x2)
  • Funnels
  • Screws and wrenches
  • USB drive
  • FEP2.0 film (x2)
  • User manual

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro

The ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro 3D printer features a black base with a transparent red cover. Its stylish and futuristic look makes it ideal for both professional and personal applications.

The printer dimensions are 8.9 x 8.9 x 17.2 in (227 x 227 x 438.5 mm).



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