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Potent heavy-payload cobot with increased reach
  • Unparalleled load capacity
  • Flexible construction
  • Reliable technology
  • Intuitive controls
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The FANUC CR-35iB is a powerful high-performance model from the company’s versatile collaborative robot series, with the lineup featuring several payload options — from 4 to 35 kg — and unprecedented reaches of up to 1831 mm with a 360° work envelope. The cobots from the line are ideally fit for handling working procedures that expose people to the risk of repetitive strain and work-related injuries. The CR-35iB and other cobots possess exceptional reliability and precision making for substantial benefits in terms of quality, throughput, cost-saving, and ROI. Nevertheless, they are quick to install, easy to use, and powered by intuitive software covering the needs of both experienced users and those who are new to automation technologies.

The CR-35iB is an upgraded version of the CR-35iA cobot. The latter has an impressive reach, high payload, and productive speed, which makes it one of the most powerful machines in the CR series. Compared to the original, the B model boasts an even higher operation range of 1831 mm.

All FANUC collaborative robots are engineered with force, speed, and momentum limiting algorithms to ensure total safety while cooperating with people. Coming into contact with a person or fixed object, the cobot immediately stops and can be further activated with a single button. The certified mechanisms and sensors as well as customizable speed and working parameters ensure nonhazardous operation to the personnel and nearby equipment without the need for additional safety means.

Depending on the production needs, you can turn to FANUC smart modules that vastly expand the cobot’s functionality. For example, the FANUC 3D Vision Sensor enables the machine to identify randomly piled parts with various properties, while the FANUC Force Sensor allows detecting force and torque applied to the end effector. Coupled with additional tools and intelligent functions, the robots become suitable for assembly, fitting, weighing, collaborative arc welding, 3D bin picking, recognition, reading, sorting, and much more.


Due to the reliable technology, balanced construction, and high productivity, the CR-35iB cobot can deal with entire production flows that require steady and reliable quality levels, including heavy lifting, machine tending, inspection, and other tasks, which would otherwise take a lot of human time and force. Furthermore, the machine is able to perform some complicated jobs with a number of different stages requiring interactive approaches with the involvement from the operator.


Processing quality

FANUC CR machines are known for their exceptional reliability and high precision. The CR-35iB is capable of repeating the same movement within ± 0.03–0.05 mm multiple times at the exact same dexterity, uptime, and a maximum speed of 250 mm/s per joint.

a processing quality on the FANUC CR-35iB

Other than that, all the CR models are based on proven FANUC technology implying continuous steady operation backed by full spare parts availability, global service, and 24/7 support.



The FANUC CR series offers five different payload capacities as well as industry-leading reach options, which lets them perform a number of tedious and repetitive tasks for a wide range of professional applications. This allows you to automate manifold processes while maintaining the workers’ safety and health.



Using the FANUC cobots on assembly lines prevents the risk of repetitive strain injuries among human workers. Similar to other CR-devices, the CR-35iB is capable of consistently lifting and positioning components due to its high repeatability, which additionally improves quality of the products, increases output and speed of production.



Sealing and dispensing

The collaborative robots from the FANUC CR series can safely apply sealants, adhesives, paints, and other fluids in a highly accurate and cost-effective way.

a sealing and dispensing on the FANUC CR-35iB


Part inspection and testing

The CR-35iB is great for inspection stages where high precision is required. With the smart vision sensors attached, flexible mounting options, and exact repeatability, the machine and its counterparts are perfectly suited for this demanding type of work.

a part inspection and testing on the FANUC CR-35iB


Machine tending

Using the CR cobots for machine tending provides you with maximized efficiency, better quality, more throughput, and improved performance.

a machine tending on the FANUC CR-35iB



Since the cobots are engineered to carry out dull, repetitive, dirty, and dangerous tasks, you can apply them to pack the products, while the human staff will be free to perform more complex and diversified jobs requiring fine skills.

a packaging on the FANUC CR-35iB


Picking, placing, and palletizing

Similar to other FANUC cobots, the CR-35iB is great for high-speed precision tasks, such as picking and placing items, palletizing boxes, heavy load transferring, and more.

a picking, placing, and palletizing on the FANUC CR-35iB


Working range

a working range on the FANUC CR-35iB

The CR-35iB is truly the most capable model in the series. It boasts a remarkable maximum reach of up to 1831 mm, which makes it a perfect device for a great number of repetitive and demanding tasks traditionally performed by people, especially heavy lifting and positioning. Owing to smart collision sensors, the machine will fit into almost any environment without interfering with the operator’s workspace.


Robot controls

The FANUC CR series presents a few thoughtful control options depending on the user’s purposes and skills.

With the CR-35iB and other FANUC robots, there is no need to resort to traditional programming as the company offers a highly intuitive alternative in the form of the Hand Guidance function. It allows you to teach the cobot by simply showing it the algorithms for future actions: lead the machine from point to point to plan a new route or use it to lift heavy objects manually. This simple and time-saving process contributes to reliable cooperation as well as reduced training costs. Thanks to the intelligent collision detection sensor, the operator will always be safe while interacting with the cobot.


In addition, the CR-35iB can be managed through easy-to-attach joysticks (standard and small versions are available) with simple plug-and-play functionality, lightweight design, and wireless connection via the iPendant.


One of the supplied control means is the tablet pendant with ample processing capabilities and convenient high-resolution screen. The high-end iHMI interface makes directing the cobots as easy and pleasant as possible. The core program provides multiple parameters, programming guides, wizards, and tutorials with detailed instructions and recommendations suitable even for aspiring robot users.

a robot controls on the FANUC CR-35iB

The FANUC R-30iB Plus controller and its Mini analog empower the machine with more than 250 handy functions. Furthermore, the device features increased ease of use, minimal energy consumption, ergonomic design, and enhanced processing speed.

a  FANUC R-30iB Plus controller on the FANUC CR-35iB

The following video demonstrates how easy it is to program any FANUC collaborative robot with the help of the dedicated touch tablet:


What’s in the box

FANUC CR-35iB kit

  • FANUC CR-35iB collaborative robot 
  • R-30iB Plus controller / R-30iB Mini Plus controller
  • CR tablet pendant
  • Software configuration data sheet
  • Core software USB stick
  • Accessory bag with spare parts and tools
  • Packing list
  • Quick start guide
  • Robot datasheet

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Look and feel


The FANUC CR-35iB collaborative robot is available in green with black head and base. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The device boasts flexible and stable construction. It weighs approximately 2183 lb (990 kg).



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