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Material Specs
  • Print layer resolutions: 50 microns
  • Color: Pink and white
  • Post-curing required
  • 1L cartridge
The estimated lead time is 5-10 business days.

Formlabs Digital Dentures is a material series tailored to digital denture manufacturing. It includes the Denture Base Resin and the Denture Teeth Resin, two long-term biocompatible materials Class II certified. Denture Base Resin is aimed at the production of accurate and reliable denture bases and try-ins, while Teeth Resin is used for denture teeth. The quality material along with their special formulation enables the cost-effective fabrication of patient-specific printed dentures.

Formlabs Digital Dentures series has been formulated to streamline the manufacturing workflow extending access to digital dentures. In this way, dental professionals will be able to increase their productivity while dramatically reducing production costs. Both Digital Base and Digital Teeth photopolymer resins are currently available for the Form 2 SLA 3D printer. A Form 3 formulation will be available soon. Read on for further details.



  • Resin features
  • Colors


Resin features

Digital Dentures resins can be printed at a 50-micron layer resolution. They come in 1L cartridges and require post-curing. When printing with Digital Dentures resins, Formlabs recommends the use of a Resin Tank LT for optimal results.


Technical specs

Once post-cured, Dental Model Resin offers:

Post-cured Denture Teeth resin properties:

  • Flexural Strength: > 50 MPa
  • Density:1.15 g/cm3 < X <1.25 g/cm3

Post-cured Denture Base:

  • Flexural Strength: > 65 MPa
  • Density: 1.15 g/cm3 < X <1.25 g/cm3



After printing the parts, wash them and remove the supports. Then, place the teeth inside the denture base and post-cure the denture to fasten the parts.

The final model can be polished at different speeds using pumice or hi-shine polish compound.



Denture base resin is available in original pink and light pink. Denture teeth resin is available in four different shades. 

For some resins, color availability might change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.

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