GOM ATOS 5 3D scanner

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A shop-floor, metrology scanner
  • Sturdy housing
  • Rapid scanning
  • Fast data processing
  • Interference-free
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This 3D scanner comes with:
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  • Two light and fast cameras
  • Blue-light equalizer
  • Connectivity cable
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ATOS 5 is a professional, metrology 3D scanner for fast part measurement. It uses a non-contact, structured blue-light technology that enables high-resolution, rapid scanning. Together with the ATOS 5X, it is the fifth generation of GOM’s Atos scanners.

This industrial-grade device adopts fiber optical cables and sturdy connectors for fast connectivity and data processing. Its robust housing keeps it safe from dust and water. The high-quality, interference-free hardware and smart software ensure high measurement accuracy and repeatability.

It is equipped with a powerful LED light source and a blue-light equalizer for capturing high-quality data in short times. It grants an accurate coverage of complex, difficult-to-scan geometries. 

It can be used for both manual and automated measuring tasks, including quality inspection of dies, turbine blades, and more. You can safely integrate this metrology scanning system into your workflow for boosting your productivity. Read on for a deeper review.

This blade scan shows a full gripping of the edges.

This blade scan shows a full gripping of the edges.



  • Scan accuracy
  • Scan volume
  • Scanner controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

ATOS 5 is an industrial, metrology 3D scanner. Thanks to its light and fast cameras, it can work at fast speed delivering highly accurate results in just 0.2 seconds. It is able to capture 100 frames per second. It uses an active temperature management system for stable and reliable operation. It delivers top-quality data with high detail resolution and a low noise level.

It can scan dark and glossy objects. The blue-light equalizer lets you create detailed scans with complex geometries, such as rib structures, hemmed edges, and more.

3d model


Scan volume

the GOM ATOS 5 3D scanner scanning process

ATOS 5 features a range of measuring volumes: MV 170, 320, 500, 700, 1000. It works at a distance of 880 mm capturing up to 12 million points per scan.


Scanner controls

The scanner is controlled via a USB-tethered computer integrated with dedicated software.

the GOM ATOS 5 3D scanner scaning procsess

ATOS 5 is a complete scanning solution that includes a powerful yet intelligent software for data processing.

ATOS 5 is a complete scanning solution that includes a powerful yet intelligent software for data processing. It generates precise 3D data and includes a variety of inspections and reporting tools. 


What’s in the box

GOM ATOS 5 3D scanner

  • ATOS 5 3D scanner
  • Two cameras (8 and 12 megapixels)
  • Blue-light equalizer
  • Connectivity cable

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch. 


Look and feel

GOM ATOS 5 3D scanner

ATOS 5 is available in black. Its stylish look makes it ideal for industry use, including mobile metrology and automated inspection.

The scanner dimensions are 21.6 x 12.6 x 7.8 inches (550 x 320 x 200 mm). It weighs approximately 30.1 lb (14 kg). It is equipped with a 30m cable for easy moving.  



The price of the ATOS 5 is $0.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality, accuracy, and high speed.

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