Mosaic Array 3D Printer

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Automated FDM 3D printing solution
  • High throughput
  • Reduced downtime
  • Material flexibility
  • Affordable price
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This machine comes with:
  • 4 Mosaic Element HT 3D printers
  • 4 Mosaic Palette modules
  • Mobile storage cart
  • Canvas 3D printing software
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The Mosaic Array is an automated high-throughput FDM 3D printing solution consisting of four Element HT 3D printers and supportive mechanisms. The main purpose of the machine is to reduce printer tending and unplanned downtime by means of automated build plate changing, material loading, and remote monitoring.

Thee basic technology servicing the complex is the robotic gantry system that automatically removes ready prints to maintain a continuous printing process. The Palette X module manages filaments, while the Canvas software provides advanced queueing options. Also, the Array is equipped with a mobile storage cart for further convenience of the user.

Every printer inside the complex is individually heated, ventilated, and enclosed. This allows you to print several materials with different properties simultaneously, without affecting the performance of any print.

Among other smart features, the Mosaic Array offers a CoreXY Kinematics system to ensure rapid and precise movements of the printing mechanisms, fume extraction, auto shutoff to ensure operator safety, and modular design with free access from both sides of the machine.

Mosaic Array 3D printer

Due to the listed benefits, the Mosaic Array proves a perfect machine for professional use in industrial production of various scales.


How it works 

Essentially, the machine functions on the basis of the robotic gantry system. It automatically removes completed prints from four independent Element HT 3D printers and places them inside the integrated storage cart. This allows for a minimum of 72 hours of independent operation.

Mosaic Array 3D printer


In combination with the Palette X module from Mosaic, users can significantly increase the material flexibility and improve their overall performance by using the Array.

a combination with the Palette X module from Mosaic Array 3D printer



The Element HT 3D printers inside the Array have 8 individual material pods each, so it’s generally 32 automated material pods for the complex. With the capacity of 2 kg, you get 16 kg of filament per printer. This makes for a greatly extended runtime of printing without the need for manual intervention.

a materials use on the Mosaic Array 3D printer


Thanks to the enclosed construction and heated build chamber (max. 80 °C), the devices can reliably print with Nylon & Nylon CF, ABS, PLA, PEEK, PETG, TPU, and other filaments.

Mosaic Array 3D printer

Additionally, the printers have their own Palette X modules for multi-material printing. The device arranges 8 filaments in a single part for a wider range of possibilities.

a different model printed on the Mosaic Array 3D printer


Build volume

a build volume in the Mosaic Array 3D printer


Each printer in the Array has a large individual build area of 14 x 14 x 14 inches (355 x 355 x 355 mm). With four of them, you can print several big objects or numerous small parts in batches to accelerate the production process.



On the front panel, the Mosaic Array has a full-color touchscreen with an intuitive interface that allows users to monitor the status of their printers, filament levels, and storage cart as well as control the queue by adding or removing desired prints. Below the touchscreen, you can find an e-stop and power switch.

a touchscreen on the Mosaic Array 3D printer


The printing process can also be conveniently monitored through a smartphone and a built-in camera.

a monitored printing process can be a smartphone on the Mosaic Array 3D printer


The Mosaic Array runs the proprietary Canvas software. It is a comprehensive professional solution that offers access to smart queueing, analytics, and an equipment dashboard to smoothly manage all your printing workflows within the Mosaic ecosystem.

a Canvas software on the Mosaic Array 3D printer


Look and feel

The Mosaic Array is available in a black color scheme with light green trimmings. Its stylish look will decorate any factory, workshop, or maker lab. 

The machine dimensions are 82.7 x 63 x 63 in (2.1 x 1.6 x 1.6 m).



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