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The strongest AMR for demanding transportation tasks
  • Proven self-mapping technology
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  • Easy and convenient control
  • Enhanced safety algorithms
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The OMRON HD-1500 is an autonomous mobile robot designed to simplify and optimize material handling tasks in factories and indoor facilities for better productivity, throughput, and traceability. The AMR is highly versatile and capable of fulfilling a wide range of simple, compex, routine, and tedious tasks in various environments, including transportation, delivery, palletizing, and order processing at assembly stations, clean rooms, loading docks, stock rooms, and more.

The HD-1500 is the strongest OMRON AMR model featuring an unprecedented payload of 1500 kg. This makes it perfect for transporting multiple, heavy, and bulky objects around the facility with an exceptional speed for such a sturdy machine. Furthermore, compared to its counterparts from the company’s LD series, the robot is engineered with an extremely powerful battery and yet improved safety mechanisms. Due to smart navigation algorithms with sensors ensuring dynamic obstacle avoidance and the company’s brand accuracy of alignment, the robot eventually learns to become even more efficient after installation. Alongside multiple proven features, the machine is engineered with an intuitive interface and implies minimal programming, making it a perfect device both for beginners and businesses looking for advanced automation opportunities.

The company’s AMR series offers several payload options — from 60 to 1500 kg — and several fitting configurations. Apart from the HD-1500 model, there is also the LD series, which includes the , , and mobile robots as well as and Cart Transporters. Additionally, some of the mentioned devices are introduced in the ESD (Electro Static Discharge) versions equipped with protection against damage from buildup and discharge of static electrical energy.

All the machines are supplied fully-assembled and ready to work right after deployment. To achieve even more spectacular results, you can form a fleet consisting of several machines with different parameters, which are able to cooperate with human personnel and other robots in an increasingly safe and harmonious way.


The reasonable implementation of AMRs allows warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities that apply manual procedures to improve the intralogistics management process, optimize material flow, reduce downtime and workforce scarcity as well as remove health and safety risks. Moreover, OMRON mobile devices can deal with traceability and quality issues, which will significantly simplify employee tasks.


Key features

Due to on-board lasers and safety scanners, including 360° coverage with LiDAR technology, OMRON HD series boasts highly effective autonomous routing through precise environment mapping. At the same time, no facility modifications, such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, are required, which makes for cost-effective digitalization. 

The HD-1500 model possesses a stop position repeatability of up to ± 25 mm alongside an impressive maximum speed of 1800 mm/s, which matches the smallest and fastest model from the preceding LD series — the LD-60 AMR. Although, the latter is much inferior to the HD-1500 in terms of payload (60 to 1500 kg respectively). This lets the new machine perform previously unimaginable tasks with ease.

a key features on the OMRON HD-1500

Furthermore, the HD-1500 provides remarkably fast battery charging: it takes only 36 minutes (from 5% to 80%) to realize maximum efficiency with less downtime. Considering 9 hours of run-time with a full payload, the AMR allows for almost non-stop workflow.


To effectively align the robot for smooth loading and unloading operations, it is recommended to use CAPS — Cell Alignment Positioning System. It evaluates real-world features and increases the mobile robots’ repeatability up to ± 8 mm with ± 1° rotation accuracy. Among other benefits, this feature contributes to a shorter cycle time.

a Cell Alignment Positioning System on the OMRON HD-1500

Another useful expansion is known as HAPS, or High Accuracy Positioning System. It allows the robots to move along fixed paths in applications that require tight tolerances. The system ensures alignment at ± 10 mm position accuracy and ± 0.5°. In addition, the machine will be able to move backwards and with angles.

a High Accuracy Positioning System on the OMRON HD-1500

The Dynamic Obstacle Tracking function makes for reduced collision risks and safer movement alongside OMRON mobile robots. The intelligent tracking algorithm projects the path of nearby moving objects and makes the robot slow down and move behind the person rather than trying to cross in front of them.

a Dynamic Obstacle Tracking on the OMRON HD-1500

Thus, the AMRs not only offer quality service, but also ensure safe working conditions both for human staff and other machines.



With impressive characteristics and flexible control capabilities, OMRON mobile robots are deployed in a large variety of applications across multiple industries.

a applications on the OMRON HD-1500

Due to the higher payload capacity, the HD-1500 allows you to automate tasks that were previously considered impossible. The robot is able to transport pallet-size loads, engine blocks, and other heavy or bulky equipment. Along with streamlining production, it also reduces the risk of staff injuries by dealing with operations traditionally performed by forklifts.




OMRON mobile robots are able to accurately perform a number of specific production tasks in the most demanding automotive manufacturing environments, from assembly and inspection to electronics and accessories.

The following video shows how the OMRON fully autonomous robot contributes to the continuous improvement of work safety at the Škoda Auto’s factory:



In the ever-evolving digital age, there is a constant demand for smarter and better solutions. With the combination of high-speed, extra-precision machine control, and data handling, OMRON AMRs offer quick and effective in-house transportation, which makes them a precious tool for digital manufacturing, packaging, testing, surveillance, and more.


Food and consumer products

The company’s AMR series guarantees the safety and quality of the robots’ operation. The machines will be great for flexible factory jobs, replenishment, palletizing, and other types of transportation.

a food and consumer products on the OMRON HD-1500



Apart from the highlighted industries, OMRON automation solutions are ideal for medical labs, infrastructure needs, power and energy sphere, etc.



Robot controls

The HD-1500 mobile robot is equipped with the on-board user accessible OMRON NX series Machine Controller. It provides overall optimization of the introduced automation lifecycle, based on integrated control, data, and safety.

a  OMRON NX series Machine Controller on the OMRON HD-1500

The AMR can be easily manipulated from the operator panel, computer, or tablet. The OMRON devices come with the dedicated SetNetGo OS and Mobile Robot Software Suite that contains all the necessary programs to control the platforms separately or in fleet. You can use this easily integrated software to configure the Ethernet settings, upgrade interface, perform system diagnostics, retrieve log files, and much more. Automatic software updates that do not interrupt the working process are included.

a robot controls on the OMRON HD-1500

To facilitate the fleet managing procedures, the company provides the optional MobilePlanner edition with an easy-to-navigate interface designed to monitor and control all your AMRs from a convenient tablet with a 7" touchscreen. Use it to send a robot to any of 6 predefined locations including its docking station, view laser readings, location, current status, etc.

a MobilePlanner on the OMRON HD-1500

To control multiple mobile robots in a smooth and effective way, OMRON introduces the EM2100 (Enterprise Manager) device. It represents a network appliance that provides full-fledged integration with factory systems (MES, WMS, ERP, etc.) for automated job propagation and handy coordination for the fleet of up to 100 AMRs. Distribute tasks across multiple robots, optimize vehicle traffic flow, manage system parameters, collect analytical data, and more.

a Enterprise Manager on the OMRON HD-1500

The EM is powered by the Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core software solutions (license required) and offers a truly efficient fleet management experience. The video below provides an excellent overview of how the whole AMR fleet works:


What’s in the box

OMRON HD-1500 kit

The OMRON autonomous mobile robots come fully-assembled with:

  • Battery
  • Essential cables
  • Wireless antenna extension kit
  • User documentation

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.

The list of available optional components includes:

  • HAPS single or double sensor
  • CAPS license
  • Side lasers
  • Charging station
  • Pendant
  • Top plate
  • EM2100

For more information, please contact us.


Look and feel


The OMRON HD-1500 AMR is available in gray with black trimmings and blue lights. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The device offers a robust design and reliable construction. The robot dimensions are 1696 x 1195 x 370 mm (66.8 x 47 x 14.6 in). It weighs approximately 585 kg (1290 lb).



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