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Flexible collaborative robot for diverse industrial use
  • Fast switch between tasks
  • Smart built-in vision
  • Easy to operate
  • Guaranteed safety
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This robotic arm comes with:
  • All the necessary cables and spare parts
  • Control box and hand controller
  • Calibration plates
  • TMFlow software

The OMRON TM5-700 is a high-performance collaborative robot that combines remarkable technical characteristics with fast changeover capabilities making for diverse and efficient production, which can be further automated with the help of additional mobile devices.

Being the smallest model in the series, the TM5-700 possesses a yet decent reach of 700 mm coupled with a payload sufficient for the majority of complex lightweight tasks. Alongside excellent speed and repeatability, the machine is equipped with a number of intuitive and quick-to-learn control options, such as graphical drag-and-drop programming interface and hand guiding, making it a perfect device both for beginners and businesses looking for advanced automation opportunities. Due to the unique patented Body Region safety settings and certified parameter values, it is easy to ensure workers’ complete security.

The company’s TM series features several payload options — from 4 to 14 kg — and fitting reaches of up to 1300 mm. Apart from the TM5-700 model, it includes the , , and cobots as well as their X-versions that come without an integrated camera. Due to improved safety protocols, easy programming, expanded automation and integration with other equipment (in particular, mobile robots compatible with the DC versions), the cobots from the line are perfectly fit for challenging, cost-saving, high-quality, and harmonious work with people of various areas and skills. 


The OMRON TM5-700 cobot introduces top-grade productivity, light weight, and smart vision module with landmarks, owing to which it can be safely assigned for a broad range of applications in manifold industries, such as automotive, electronics, food and commodities manufacturing, etc. It is able to perform accurate assembling, machine tending, dispensing, packaging, material handling, and various other tasks, which would otherwise take a lot of human time and effort.


Processing quality

OMRON TM series machines possess outstanding reliability and remarkable accuracy. The TM5-700 model is able to repeat the same movement within ± 0.05 mm multiple times at the exact dexterity, uptime, and a maximum speed of 1100 mm/s. This lets it perform even the most difficult precision tasks with ease.

a processing quality on the OMRON TM5-700

The cobot’s high performance and effective work alongside people are assured by the OMRON proven safety algorithms.



With several range and payload capacities, OMRON TM cobots are suitable for a variety of industrial operations of demanding and repetitive character, from simple packaging to accurate dispensing or assembly.

a applications on the OMRON TM5-700

The reasonable implementation of collaborative robots allows you not only to automate manifold production processes, but also in many cases save time and costs while maintaining the workers’ safety and health.


Machine tending

a machine tending on the OMRON TM5-700

The TM5-700 cobot can deal with numerous repetitive and dangerous jobs. For example, it can tend CNC machines, injection molding machines, stamping and punch pressers, grinding, and cutting machines, etc. The following video demonstrates the robot’s full automation with the help of the OMRON’s mobile manipulator solution, ensuring even more benefits for production:


Picking and placing

a picking and placing on the OMRON TM5-700

Due to the TM cobots’ built-in vision and lighting system, the TM5-700 is capable not only of simple pick-and-place procedures, but also multifaceted and easily programmed actions, such as quality inspection, intelligent sorting, and more. For instance, take a look at this innovative approach to labeling procedure by the Gruppo Romani plant: 



a screwdriving on the OMRON TM5-700

Thanks to the cobot’s high precision and repeatability, it can be used as a reliable bolt fixing solution representing a fully automated platform with reduced risk of missed bolts and over- or under-tightening, like in the following case:


Working range

a working range on the OMRON TM5-700

As its name suggests, the TM5-700 model possesses a maximum reach of up to 700 mm. This makes the cobot perfect for a wide spectrum of precise repetitive tasks in areas with certain space limitations. Furthermore, the machine can be effectively mounted on the wall, table, or ceiling. Due to the advanced safety protocols, it is sure not to harm human staff in any position.


Robot controls

OMRON TM series cobots can be easily manipulated via a RS232, Ethernet, and Modbus TCP/RTU control box. It provides several I/O interface options, such as COM, HDMI, LAN, and USB, so you can manage the machine through your computer, laptop, or tablet.

a robot controls on the OMRON TM5-700

In addition, the supplied Robot Stick hand controller ensures smooth and user-friendly operation with the machine.

a Robot Stick hand controller on the OMRON TM5-700

The thoughtful hand guide mode enables you to teach the cobot manually by simply showing it required movement points, which will be automatically recorded by the software. Thus, you can assign tasks to the TM robots in a highly intuitive and conveniently interactive manner.


The TM5-700 cobot comes with an easy-to-use TMFlow software based on graphical programming methods. It is quite powerful and provides industry-leading capabilities in a simplified form of flowcharts and nods, making robot control accessible for all. If you need more, the company presents a number of add-on options with enhanced functionality. 

a TMFlow software on the OMRON TM5-700


What’s in the box

OMRON TM5-700 kit

  • OMRON TM5-700 collaborative robot 
  • Power cable
  • Control box
  • Robot Stick hand controller
  • 2 calibration plates (large and small)
  • 2 packs of I/O cables
  • 2 TM landmarks
  • 1 pack of ground wire
  • Manual

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.

To get information on the cobot unboxing and initial setup, check out the OMRON official video from the dedicated tutorial series:


Look and feel


The OMRON TM5-700 collaborative robot is available in dark gray with white trimmings. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The device offers a compact footprint and reliable construction. It weighs approximately 49 lb (22.1 kg).



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