OnRobot Dual Quick Changer

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Upgraded mechanism for faster tool changing
  • Increased up-time and productivity
  • Quick redeployment
  • Universal integration
  • Industry-leading dimensions
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This module comes with:
  • Essential parts required for operation
  • T30 torx key
  • All the necessary screws
  • User manual
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The OnRobot Dual Quick Changer is an innovative robotic module representing a physical interface between the robotic arm and the EoAT (End of Arm Tool), which enables quick and easy tool changing in just a few seconds. Compared to the original model, this version can be equipped with two tools simultaneously while still providing the same flexibility and speed. Due to its fast deployment, universal configuration, and seamless machine integration with all major robot brands, the solution is fit for multiple uses where collaborative robots are involved.

The Dual Quick Changer is a completely unique mechanism that ensures efficient tool changing with all the necessary characteristics included. Among the highlights is its patented easy-to-use locking mechanism with strong springs and extra safety features. Combined with the compact size, light weight, minimal height, wear-resistant case, and decent payload, the device can significantly facilitate your production processes. Still, simple mounting and construction make it ideal even for inexperienced employees.

OnRobot Dual Quick Changer

According to the tools used, the OnRobot Dual Quick Changer can be successfully applied in manifold industrial spheres. Due to its simplicity and wide functionality, the module is particularly great for assembly, machine tending, material handling, quality inspection, and more.


Key features

The OnRobot Dual Quick Changer is a versatile robotic solution with a number of impressive features making for impressive production automation. 

a key features on the OnRobot Dual Quick Changer


Lightweight yet capable

The device features a compact design and low weight that has little impact on the robot payload. The Dual Quick Changer’s own payload capacity reaches up to 20 kg. Alongside its robust and hardwearing construction, the module offers high repeatability (± 0.02 mm), reliable operation, and long service life.


Enhanced compatibility

With the easily switching system and high integration properties, the Dual Quick Changer solution can be safely and effectively used with any robot arm, drone, or other equipment of similar types compliant with an ISO-9409-1 flange.


Thoughtful collaboration

The device is extremely user-friendly, cost-effective, and safe in terms of construction features: the exterior design contains no sharp edges.


Simplified mounting

Thanks to the advanced locking mechanism, the Dual Quick Changer enables screwless switching from one tool to another without disconnecting any cables.


Perfect for multitasking purposes

With the same flexibility and fast tool changing as the regular Quick Changer, the Dual model can manage two end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) attachments in a single cycle without redeployment, which results in 50% improved productivity as shown in the following video:


What’s in the box

OnRobot Dual Quick Changer kit

Credit: youtube.com

  • OnRobot Dual Quick Changer robot side
  • OnRobot Dual Quick Changer tool side (x2)
  • T30 torx key
  • Necessary screws
  • User manual

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Look and feel

OnRobot Dual Quick Changer

The OnRobot Dual Quick Changer comes in stainless steel. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The device features a light and compact design alongside reliable construction handling up to 20 kg (44 lb) payload. The module itself weighs only 410 g (14.4 oz).



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