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Adaptable 2.5D vision system for a wide range of robots
  • Universal compatibility
  • Quick deployment
  • Two mounting options
  • Time- and cost-saving solution
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This module comes with:
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  • Control box
  • Calibration plate
  • Essential tools
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The OnRobot Eyes is a flexible robotic vision system designed to expand the possibilities of industrial robots by increased reliability, depth perception, automatic focusing, and many other remarkable features. Due to its fast deployment, adaptable configuration, and seamless machine integration with an impressive number of leading robot brands, the solution is almost universal and will be a fitting addition to the majority of robotic applications.

One of the main peculiarities of the Eyes system is its 2.5D vision, which can significantly facilitate some tasks for robots dealing with complex objectives. A high detection repeatability ensures consistent operational quality for any robot arm. Alongside distinct construction benefits, the device boasts versatile compatibility and simplified programming through the dedicated control unit. Overall, it is ideal for beginners with little robotic experience.

OnRobot Eyes

The OnRobot Eyes vision system represents a simple and affordable way to advanced collaborative application. The module is great for sorting objects of various colors and forms, CNC machines tending that can be defined by outer shape, and manifold pick-and-place uses where orientation plays a crucial role.


Key features

The OnRobot Eyes is a versatile robotic solution with a number of impressive features making for fast and simple automation. 

a key features on the OnRobot Eyes

Intuitive programming

The device is powered by easy-to-install software that allows for fast and hassle-free programming and setup for any major robot brand. Thanks to this user-friendly approach, even employees with no technical background can manage it effortlessly.


Flexible mounting

The Eyes module can function both as a part of the robot arm or externally. With multiple reconfigurations available, you can adjust the wrist or tilt orientation in line with required applications.


One-shot calibration and part recognition

Camera view calibration can be performed through a single picture of the work surface. The same goes about workpieces the system should detect. This function not only makes for simple setup and deployment, but also greatly minimizes cycle time since it only takes minutes.


2.5D vision with depth perception

Accurate depth perception is essential for such operations as stacking or handling items of various heights. The Eyes’ vision adds the ability to stack different parts without extra complexity.


Automatic landmark

With this handy feature, you are capable of creating efficient dynamic environments and mobile setups for your facility.



The Eyes system boasts flexible and highly adaptable structure implying on-robot or external mounting as well as position adjustments according to assigned operations. It empowers the robots with new extended capabilities and high reliability making them perfect for a large variety of uses across multiple industries. The main spheres of the device’s application are:


Material handling

With advanced recognition algorithms, the OnRobot Eyes is ideal for sorting, pick-and-place, stacking, and machine tending applications. The visual system with a top-grade depth perception significantly reduces complexity for different tasks by enabling robots to handle multiple items with minimal changeover time. This leads to a smooth and effectively streamlined workflow.

a material handing on the OnRobot Eyes


Quality inspection

Improved color and contour detection with the < 2 mm repeatability allows the robot equipped with the Eyes to quickly find faulty parts and ensure consistent quality of the product.

a quality inspection on the OnRobot Eyes


Connectivity and control

The OnRobot Eyes vision system is supplied with the Eye Box control unit that performs the vision processing and acts as the Compute Box for the OnRobot grippers. It can read and configure the module via intuitive Ethernet interface. In addition, the Eyes provides smooth integration with the robot interface and gripper through the (available separately).

a connectivity and control on the OnRobot Eyes

Due to its simple controls and minimized programming, the OnRobot Eyes solution is suitable for users of all levels. Moreover, the universally compatible design will make integration with a full range of robotic platforms as fast and easy as possible.


What’s in the box

OnRobot Eyes kit

  • OnRobot Eyes
  • OnRobot Eye Box
  • External mount
  • Calibration plate
  • Landmarks
  • Power supply
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable
  • USB drive
  • Cable straps
  • Different plugs
  • Necessary tools and screws
  • User manual

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Look and feel

OnRobot Eyes

The OnRobot Eyes 2.5D vision system comes in stainless steel. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.



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