OnRobot Palletizer

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Ultimate robotic palletizing solution with modular construction
  • Configurable structure
  • Easy and safe automation
  • Out-of-the-box deployment
  • User-friendly software
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This module comes with:
  • 2FGP20 palletizer gripper
  • VGP20 vacuum gripper
  • Lift100 elevator
  • Pallet Station fixture
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The OnRobot Palletizer is a modular, fully configurable solution for all leading robot arms. It comes with several powerful modules, such as a high-payload lift, robust pallet fixture, and versatile palletizing gripper, which in conjunction offer quick deployment, fast programming through intuitive software, and highly efficient palletizing automation. 

The main peculiarity of the Palletizer is its enhanced flexibility in combination with smart functionality, including seamless integration, increased adaptability, automatic pallet pattern generation, and more. The device as a whole can be easily managed through an easy-to-use software interface providing quick set up without additional training. Due to these user-friendly peculiarities, the OnRobot Palletizer is ideal for beginners with little technical expertise as well as experienced users.

OnRobot Palletizer

The OnRobot Palletizer is a simple and affordable solution for advanced collaborative application. The system is great for intelligent material handling in manifold spheres requiring transferring, sorting, packaging, and palletizing of different loads.


Key components

The OnRobot Palletizer is a modular robotic solution consisting of several productive elements providing certain benefits for various applications. When ordering, you can choose the ones you need for particular purposes. 


2FGP20 palletizer gripper

The OnRobot 2FGP20 is a powerful electric gripper with an integrated vacuum module designed specifically for flexible and efficient palletizing. It can deal with almost any loads — from food boxes and pouches to fast-moving consumer goods, including toiletries, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Due to its wide stroke, customizable arms, and decent payload, the 2FGP20 can easily work with objects that cannot be handled with traditional vacuum grippers.

2FGP20 palletizer gripper


VGP20 vacuum gripper

The OnRobot VGP20 is the company’s most powerful electric vacuum gripper featuring impressive payload and quick deployment. It is engineered to automate a wide range of applications that traditionally required pneumatic grippers. Still, compared to the latter, the VGP20 is able to save up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs. The gripper’s powerful vacuum flow enables the robot to lift almost any object within 20 kg, even with non-standard shape and structure.

VGP20 vacuum gripper



The Lift100 is a high-payload robot elevator with a reliable robust design and impressively long stroke reaching up to 900 mm. It delivers the 7th axis to provide a wider range of palletizing tasks. Minimal deflection ensures precise positioning of boxes even at high speeds. In addition, the device boasts integrated safety features with TÜV-certified stop functionality to ensure secure collaborative deployment.



Pallet Station

The Pallet Station is a durable, floor-mounted pallet fixture for consistent pallet positioning. Due to a built-in sensor for detecting pallet presence, it  saves significant engineering effort and shortens deployment time.

Pallet Station



The OnRobot Palletizer boasts a flexible and adaptable structure that can be easily customized according to the assigned operations. The system empowers the robots with new extended capabilities for effective material handling processes across multiple industries.

a applications on the OnRobot Palletizer

This modular tool is perfect for safe and efficient collaborative applications. With a number of powerful components and useful features, it allows you to get greater consistency and high-output results in transferring, sorting, packaging, and palletizing various loads in the designated manner.

OnRobot Palletizer

Thanks to the implementation of this handy solution, your human employees can focus on more important assignments by automating tedious, risky, and repetitive tasks.


Connectivity and control

The OnRobot Palletizer can be easily programmed through the intuitive, step-by-step Palletizing software that is primarily designed to ensure quick setup regardless of the user’s previous robotics deployment experience. It provides such handy functions as automatic gripper detection, smart calculation of the correct settings for the Lift100, path optimization, pre-loaded stacking patterns, etc. All these thoughtful features greatly reduce production cycle time and extend equipment life.

connectivity and control on the OnRobot Palletizer

To ensure smooth operation of several robotic solutions, it is recommended to use a unique production monitoring and device diagnostics software WebLytics. The program functions in real time and is specially designed to enhance productivity and minimize downtime for collaborative robot applications across all major robot brands. Due to automatic data collection, convenient customizable dashboards, and user-friendly installation, the software can become a valuable acquisition for any automated robotic system.

a WebLytics Software on the OnRobot Palletizer


Look and feel

OnRobot Palletizer

The OnRobot Palletizer components come in stainless steel with black and blue trimmings. Their stylish look makes the whole system ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The outer dimensions and weight of each component are listed in the Specifications section.



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