OnRobot Soft Gripper

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Versatile robotic gripper for multiple purpose
  • Certified food and beverage automation
  • Easy deployment
  • Interchangeable cups
  • High ROI
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This gripper comes with:
  • Integrated Quick Changer tool side
  • Hard Skirt for general use
  • Soft Skirt for delicate / fragile objects
  • 4-Finger for irregular shapes
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The OnRobot Soft Gripper is a flexible robotic module equipped with three interchangeable silicone-molded cups that can effectively manage a wide variety of irregular shapes and delicate items in manifold spheres, from eggs and fruit to bottles, cans, and lamps. The device is designed to expand the possibilities of industrial collaborative robots by smart operation, quick deployment, easy customization, simplified programming, and many other remarkable features.

One of the main peculiarities of the Soft Gripper is its variability according to shape, softness, and friction of items to be handled, which allows for a broad range of applications. The device offers universal compatibility and seamless integration with an impressive number of leading robot brands. In addition, the module comes with the built-in Quick Changer module and uses the OnRobot’s intuitive programming through the dedicated control unit, which makes it perfect for beginners with little robotic expertise as well as experienced users.

OnRobot Soft Gripper

The OnRobot Soft Gripper is a simple and affordable solution for advanced collaborative implementation. The device is great for various manufacturing, packaging, and pick-and-place uses in food and beverage as well as other “clean” industries, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Key features

The OnRobot Soft Gripper is a versatile robotic solution with a number of impressive features making for fast and simple automation. 

a key features on the OnRobot Soft Gripper


Certified food-grade gripper

The module is officially certified to work with food products. The gripper’s silicone cups are dishwasher-safe and comply with FDA 21 CFR for non-fatty food items and EC 1935/2004 for food handling.


Responsive design

The Soft Gripper features compact and reliable construction that can be easily customized when needed. You can always change silicone cups to fit particular application requirements. Overall, there are three options:

  • SG-a-H — Hard Skirt for general use;
  • SG-a-S — Soft Skirt for delicate or fragile objects;
  • SG-b-H — 4-Finger for irregular shapes.


Fit for a wide range of items

The device can safely manage delicate products and irregular shapes, while offering impressive grip dimensions ranging from 11 to 118 mm. Furthermore, the Soft Gripper has an up to 2.2 kg payload based on shape, softness, and friction of assigned objects.


No extra costs

The Soft Gripper is ready for work right out of the box. It is a truly cost-effective, plug-and-play solution that does not require external air supply, which truly minimizes maintenance costs.


User-friendly operation

The device is supplied with the pre-installed software that implies minimized programming and is easy to set up even for employees with no technical experience, which ensures reduced deployment time.



The OnRobot Soft Gripper boasts flexible and adaptable structure implying different cups according to assigned operations. It empowers the robots with new extended capabilities making them ideal for material handling within various industries.

a applications on the OnRobot Soft Gripper

With the Soft Gripper’s ability to smoothly handle a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate objects, you can experience smart and flexible automation for food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


Connectivity and control

The OnRobot Soft Gripper can be easily programmed through the Compute Box control unit that performs the processing functions. It can read and configure the device via an intuitive Ethernet interface.

a connectivity and control on the OnRobot Soft Gripper

Due to its simplified control, the Soft Gripper can be effectively applied by both seasoned and inexperienced users. Moreover, the universally compatible design will make integration with a full range of robotic platforms as fast and easy as possible.


What’s in the box

OnRobot Soft Gripper

  • OnRobot Soft Gripper base part
  • Integrated Quick Changer tool side
  • Silicone-molded cup dependent on your choice
  • SG-a-H: Hard Skirt for general use
  • SG-a-S: Soft Skirt for delicate / fragile objects
  • SG-b-H: 4-Finger for irregular shapes

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

OnRobot Soft Gripper

The OnRobot Soft Gripper comes in stainless steel with blue trimmings and dark-blue silicone-molded cups. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The dimensions of the cups are 3 x 4.4 in (76 x 112 mm) for SG-a-H / SG-a-S and 3.03 x 4.29 in (77 x 109 mm) for SG-b-H. The base part weighs 1.69 lb (0.77 kg).



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