PhotoCentric Daylight Precision Cast Resin Violet - 1kg

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A reformulated version of the Cast resin
  • Smooth surfaces
  • High level of detail
  • Clean burnout
  • No expansion
  • Water-washable
  • Visible light curing
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Material Specs
  • Color: Violet
  • Color attribute: Solid
  • Wavelength: Visible spectrum
  • 1kg bottle
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Daylight Precision Cast Resin Violet is a visible-light-curing resin suited to PhotoCentric Liquid Crystal Precision 3D printers. Indeed, it has been formulated to solidify under visible light. It is specifically designed for printing high-resolution castable jewelry and dental parts. It produces matte objects with dry surfaces and high definition. It lets you immediately visualize the ideal finish of your casted object. 

Daylight Precision Cast Resin burns at constantly increasing temperatures. In this way, it minimizes gas pressure in the cast. Also, it provides clean casting and burnout with virtually no ash, expansion or residues. It features fast exposure times and wide exposure latitude. It delivers the highest resolution and level of detail achievable by PhotoCentric 3D printers. 

The resin is water-washable. For post-curing your parts, you should first dip them into warm water. Then, spray them with Photocentric Resin Cleaner or use IPA/Acetone. Dry the parts and place them in an oven at 120 °C for 4 hours to get tack-free surfaces. 

PhotoCentric Daylight Precision Cast Resin is ideal for both jewelry design and dental casts. Read the complete review for additional details.

Credit: @photocentric_ / Instagram



PhotoCentric Daylight Precision Cast Resin Violet

When using a visible-light-curing polymer, remember to pour it into the tray away from sunlight. After pouring the liquid, shake it for up to 2 minutes in order to mix it well. Indeed, in unpredictable climates, there might be a separation between the wax and the liquid. When completing a print, the residual resin might be filtered and reused.

Daylight Precision Cast Resin comes in 1kg bottles with a drip stopper. Due to its light sensitivity, the resin should be stored away from direct sunlight. 

Credit: @Photocentric_ / Instagram


Technical specs

After post-exposure, Daylight Precision Cast Resin features:

  • Hardness: 75 Shore D
  • Tensile strength: 19.5 MPa (10MPa before post-exposure)
  • Tensile modulus: 1,380 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 2-3%


Liquid specs:

  • Viscosity: 630 cPs (@ 25ºC)
  • Storage: 1050°C
  • Density: 1.20 g/cm3

Color specs

  • Color name: Violet
  • Color attribute: Solid
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