RangeVision PRO 3D Scanner

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An improved version of the PRO 2M
  • Good value for money
  • Four Fields of View
  • Flexible scan area
  • High resolution
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This 3D scanner comes with:
  • All the parts required to operate the scanner
  • Two cameras (6-Mpix each)
  • A set of lenses + calibration panels
  • A tripod and a portable case
The estimated lead time is 5-10 business days.

The RangeVision PRO is a professional 3D scanner engineered with two 6-Mpix cameras. It uses blue structured light technology to scan small-to-large sized parts of any shape. Its powerful hardware makes it capable of capturing a high level of detail. Despite its high performance, the PRO is sold at a really convenient price offering great value for money.

What makes the PRO so accurate and adaptable? The scanner adopts blue light technology, which minimizes the effect of external lighting on the scan results increasing their accuracy. Still, it uses four different lenses and fields of view according to the size of the objects. This makes it highly flexible. No wonder that it can be used to effectively scan both a coin and an automobile with an accuracy of up to 0.018 mm.

The RangeVision PRO is part of the RangeVision PRO series, which also includes the PRO 2M. The two scanners differ in their cameras. The 2M is equipped with 2-megapixel cameras, while the PRO features higher resolution 6-megapixel cameras. The captured data are immediately turned into complete 3D models thanks to the built-in processing features.

The scanner ships with all the necessary tools and applications. The bundled ScanCenter software streamlines your scanning experience providing you with a useful set of automated features. Read our RangeVision PRO review to learn more about this scanner.

Our team used the PRO to scan an eagle statuette. The final model came through amazing.

We also scanned a plaster figure and then 3D printed it. In the picture below you can see the original sculpture (on the left) and the 3D printed one (on the right). Thanks to the PRO accuracy the printed copy is almost identical to the original.



  • Scan accuracy
  • Scan volume
  • Scanner controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

The RangeVision PRO is a professional blue-light 3D scanner. Thanks to its 6-megapixel cameras, it lets you capture parts with a 3D resolution from 0.15 to 0.04 mm. Its scanning accuracy depends on the field of view selected.

Credit: @RangeVision / Twitter

Specifically, by selecting the FOV of 460 x 345 x 345mm, the PRO can scan parts with an accuracy of 0.06 mm and a 3D resolution of 0.15 mm.

The FOV of 300 x 225 x 225 mm has an accuracy of 0.03 mm and a resolution of 0.1 mm.

With both the fields of view of 133 x 100 x 100 and 66 x 50 x 50 mm, you can get an accuracy of 0.018 mm. The former has a 3D resolution of 0.04.

Credit: @RangeVision / Twitter


Scan volume

The RangeVision PRO features four different scanning areas of 460 x 345 x 345mm, 300 x 225 x 225mm, 133 x 100 x 100mm, and 66 x 50 x 50mm. The respective working distance is 900, 520, 350, 350 mm.

The different fields of view let you scan small to large objects with extreme accuracy. 


Scanner controls

The scanner can be controlled from a computer via USB cable.

The PRO comes bundled with the proprietary ScanCenter. This simple-to-use software includes a set of automated features, such as stitching fragments, filling voids, and aligning meshes. It makes for an easier 3D scanning experience.

You can export the captured data in CAM/CAD and 3D printing compatible formats (STL, OBJ, PLY) with ease. 


What’s in the box

  • RangeVision PRO 
  • The scanning module
  • Two cameras (6-Mpix. each)
  • Selected set of scanning zones (a set of lenses + calibration panels)
  • A hard plastic box with a lodgment
  • A tripod
  • Digital license key
  • Set of self-adhesive markers

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The RangeVision PRO is available in black with red finishings. Its stylish look and adaptability make it ideal for industrial and jewelry design, education, reverse engineering, quality control, and more.

The scanner dimensions are 16 x 13.8 x 4.9 inches (408 x 350 x 125 mm). It weighs 14.33 lb (6.5 kg).  



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