Roland monoFAB SRM-20 CNC milling machine

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A straightforward, compact CNC mill
  • User-friendly and easy-to-operate
  • High-precision, realistic outputs
  • Smart technology
  • Out-of-the-box productivity
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This CNC machine comes with:
  • Cutting tool and collet
  • A set of screws
  • Positioning pins
  • Software suite with SRP player
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monoFAB SRM-20 is a desktop-sized CNC milling machine produced by the well-known Roland, a trusted brand in vinyl cutters. Thanks to its closed chamber, this mini mill operates quietly and cleanly. The SRM-20 is well renowned for its user-friendliness and ease of use. It is capable of high-precision milling of a variety of materials, from modeling wax to PC board and plastics. 

The machine is equipped with advanced components aimed at producing accurate parts. It adopts a micro-step motor drive and a fast feed rate for smooth and fast operations. It comes with a software suite for out-of-the-box productivity and a user-friendly controller, VPanel, for easy management of all the aspects of CNC milling.

Small in size, this smart and robust CNC mill is really powerful, affordable and safe. It is ideal for any office environment or classroom. It allows creating proofs-of-concept and realistic prototypes without the need for technical skills. The final products show dimensional accuracy and a high level of detail. When opened, a smart safety interlock pauses the device and lets you restart the job in a second moment. It has been used to manufacture wax molds, tools, model parts, and more. Read our complete review.

The clean and precise operation allows producing realistic prototypes virtually identical to end-use parts. Just have a look at this gearshift. It shows clean surfaces and capillary details.

These cool folding scissors show sharp edges and accurate details.



  • Processing quality
  • Materials
  • Operating volume
  • CNC machine controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Processing quality

monoFAB SRM-20 is a desktop CNC milling machine. It has a software resolution of 0.000039 inches/step and a mechanical resolution of 0.0000393 inches/step.  Equipped with a stepping motor drive system and a DC spindle motor Type 380, it features an operating speed of up to 70.87 inches/min with a spindle rotation speed of up to 7,000 rpm.

It is engineered with a bunch of smart features for precise and clean operation. For example, it adopts an airtight sealing system, which keeps both the spindle and the Y-axis free from waste material and milling debris. Also, it includes an independent collet system for rapid tool replacements, quick setting of the Z-axis point, and efficient milling.



The monoFAB SRM-20 processes workpieces of Modeling Wax, Chemical Wood, Foam, Acrylic, Poly acetate, ABS, and PC board.

The maximum distance from the collet tip to the table is of 5.15 in (130.75mm). The CNC mill can withstand workpieces of up to 4.4 lbs (2kg).


Operating volume

The work area of 8 x 6 x 2.38 inches (203.2 x 152.4 x 60.5 mm) lets you process a variety of workpieces creating a range of realistic products and prototypes in short times.


CNC machine controls

The CNC machine is controlled via the proprietary, user-friendly VPanel. The controller comes with a simple UI, which allows setting the starting point and adjusting the tool position with ease by moving the cursor. Also, it lets you manage the spindle speed and feed rate, pause and resume operation, and more.

The monoFab SRM-20 comes bundled with a software suite for user-friendly operations. It supports different easy-to-use programs for 3D parts, 2D parts, and on-the-fly 2D operations, including SRP Player, MODELA Player 4, iModela Creator, Virtual MODELA, ClickMill, and SFEdit 2. You can download them from Roland OnSupport. 


What’s in the box

  • monoFAB SRM-20 CNC milling machine
  • Cutting tool
  • Collet
  • A set of screws
  • Spanners
  • Positioning pins
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Double-sided tape
  • Software suite with SRP player
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Power cord
  • Quick guide

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

monoFAB SRM-20 is available in a white, black and orange color scheme. Its stylish look makes it ideal for rapid prototyping, STEM education, and more.

The machine dimensions are 17.8 x 16.8 x 16.8  inches (451 x 426.6 x 426.2 mm). It weighs 43.2 lb (19.6 kg).  



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