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Effective back support for industrial needs
  • Adjustable
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Wearproof
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  • Two modes
  • Universal size
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compatibility with other modules
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The backX exoskeleton from suitX is capable of reducing the strain on a wearer’s lower back around the L5-S1 vertebra. Its efficiency by stooping, lifting objects, and bending reaches approximately 60%. The device provides personal safety, lowers the risk of industrial injuries, and increases manual productivity.

The light construction and flexible adjustment of the backX allow for natural movement and comfortable work in any environment. A user is guaranteed unimpeded walking, climbing up and down stairs as well as free operation of various machines and tools while getting support in all necessary situations.



Why choose backX?

The backX is the perfect solution for those who is looking for:

  • optimum weight distribution;
  • reduced risk of work-related back injury;
  • increased productivity of manual work;
  • easy-to-use support equipment fit for most people;
  • multipurpose and reliable device to simplify hard tasks.


Key features 

The backX is primarily aimed at reducing lower back strain along with some beneficial characteristics:

  • two modes: unimpeded movement vs back support in any position;
  • two parts: harness and frame (the latter can be shared by multiple users, which results in cost savings);
  • light weight and perfect individual adjustment;
  • no batteries required;
  • reduced maintenance;
  • convenient design ensuring minimal contact points;
  • easy to wear with four quick release connections;
  • can be used with tool belts, reflective vests, protective suits, and work jackets;
  • compatible with the shoulderX and legX modules;
  • adjustable strength of support;
  • sustainable material.

man in exoskeleton BackX



Model S:

  • compatible with legX;
  • weight: 2.2 kg + 1.1 kg (Exoskeleton frame);
  • when working with tools, the back strap remains loose.

Model AC:

  • compatible with legX and shoulderX;
  • weight: 3.4 kg + 1.1 kg (Exoskeleton frame);
  • when wearing the legX module, the load-bearing frame can transfer the weight to the hips or ground.



The backX comes with the following properties:

Auxiliary force

13.6 kg


2.3–3.6 kg

Body support

Inclinations, squats

Pressure distribution over body parts

Chest, hips

Recommended task level

Chest, ground, repetitive lifting



The backX is perfect for manual workers in the automotive or construction industry. Due to its technical characteristics, the device can be widely used for the following tasks:

  • palletizing;
  • panel work;
  • stooped welding;
  • framing;
  • lifting;
  • waterproofing;
  • cable work;
  • vacuuming;
  • material handling and logistics.

man in exoskeleton BackX



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