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Leg support exoskeleton
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Intelligent
  • Durable
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  • Two handy modes
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  • Anthropomorphic profile
  • Modularity
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The legX from suitX is an up-to-date exoskeleton aimed at reducing knee strain during complex operations that require prolonged squatting. The mechanism allows transferring the weight directly to the ground, which substantially simplifies manual work, lowers the risk of industrial injury, and boosts the production. 

The device is fully adjustable, including the amount of support provided. Apart from that, there are two modes available. 

In the Smart Mode, the built-in detector will determine the wearer’s current position and level of activity. The device does not impede relaxed walking or using stairs, but the strenuous squatting will trigger the assistance mode automatically. While in the Locking Mode, the legX can be used as a chair. The height in this case can also be adjusted.



Why choose legX?

The legX is the perfect solution for those who is looking for:

  • reduced threat of industrial accidents;
  • streamlined working process;
  • flexible multipurpose tool for physically hard tasks;
  • quality knee muscle support during squatted static and dynamic technical operations;
  • reliable mechanism with user-friendly design.

man in exoskeleton LegX


Key features 

Due to the strong characteristics, the legX exoskeleton provides a number of benefits to its users:

  • reduced tension of the quadricep muscles and knee joint force;
  • automated recognition of user’s activities: the device will detect the difference between relaxed walking and prolonged squatting; the latter will trigger the support mechanism;
  • free movement while wearing the device;
  • adjustable sizing for any proportions;
  • the weight of the equipment is transferred to the ground, which makes it even easier to wear the legX for a whole day;
  • can be used with standard worker equipment (tool belts, protective suits, respirators, etc.);
  • compatible with the shoulderX and backX modules;
  • adjustable strength of support;
  • resistant material.

man in exoskeleton LegX



The legX comes with the following properties:

Auxiliary force

27.2 kg


6 kg

Body support


Pressure distribution over body parts

Glutes, ankles, feet

Recommended task level

Ground, sedentary work, repetitive lifting



The technical characteristics of the legX make it perfectly suitable for multiple use in the construction and automotive industries. The equipment can be widely applied for:

  • cement laying;
  • grinding;
  • framing;
  • jackhammer;
  • rebar;
  • flooring works.

man in exoskeleton LegX



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