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Innovative shoulder support
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Wear-resistant
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The shoulderX from suitX is the most advanced exoskeleton intended for construction works. The device is aimed at support and reinforcement during long tasks where shoulder and chest muscles are involved. This is achieved by distributing the weight of the user’s raised arm and tool right to their hips.

The third-generation shoulderX introduces new attributes and a 40% reduction in weight compared to the previous version. At the same time, the exoskeleton retains and improves the features making it one of the industry-leading products.



Why choose shoulderX?

The shoulderX is the perfect solution for those who is looking for:

  • opportunity to reduce muscle fatigue;
  • simple adjustment without additional tools;


  • streamlined working process;
  • device suitable for numerous tasks;


  • optimum weight distribution;
  • convenient design for any body shape.


Key features 

The shoulderX exoskeleton boasts a number of appealing characteristics:

  • the construction does not restrict natural movement;
  • the standard size fits 95% of human dimensions;
  • the compact form allows for work in any environment;
  • light weight makes it easy to wear the equipment all day;
  • no batteries required;
  • can be used with tool belts;
  • compatibility with the legX and backX modules; 
  • enhanced durability for work at construction sites, manufacturing plants, and shipbuilding facilities;
  • add-ons available: Fire Retardant (FR), Cooling Fans, Tool Pouches.

A man holds a weight in an exoskeleton ShoulderX



The shoulderX comes with the following properties:

Auxiliary force

1.4–5.5 kg per arm


3.17 kg

Body support

Lifted arms

Pressure distribution over body parts

Arms, shoulders, hips

Recommended task level

Chest to ceiling works



The shoulderX is a game changer in the construction and automotive industries. The device greatly minimizes the threat of injury and increases productivity. The exoskeleton can be widely used for:

  • panel and ceiling works;
  • welding and grinding;
  • drilling and electrical works;
  • painting;
  • inspection.

Man fixing car in exoskeleton ShoulderX



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