Tiertime UP Mini 3 3D Printer

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Desktop consumer FDM 3D printer
  • Enclosed build chamber
  • Auto bed leveling
  • Dual air filtration system
  • Swappable heated build plate
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Spool of filament
  • Two swappable build plates
  • All the necessary tools
  • User manual
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The Tiertime UP mini 3 is a beginner-friendly FDM 3D printer from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. The machine is aimed at 3D printing enthusiasts and the educational sector, combining ease of use, a number of safety features, and excellent print quality.

Compared to its predecessors from the UP mini series, the mini 3 has a completely new design, and now it looks more like professional UP series models. Apart from that, the mini 3 boasts a larger build volume, meeting the needs of hobbyist printing and school projects. The auto bed leveling function ensures perfect first layer adhesion with every print and eliminates the need for tedious manual calibration. The heated print bed is equipped with two swappable build plates for best results with different filaments.

Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer

As for the safety features, the machine has a closed-frame design and automatically pauses if the door is open, resuming printing afterwards. The dual air filtration system, equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filters, eliminates all toxic fumes and allows for the safe use of the printer in any environment, including classroom.

Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer

Other smart features include filament runout sensor and print resume function.


Print quality

The Tiertime UP mini 3 can print layers with a minimum height of 100 microns. Due to its enclosed build chamber and heated print bed, the machine reliably prints with temperature-sensitive filaments, minimizing warping issues. The auto bed leveling ensures dimensionally accurate models without delamination and deformation.

a print quality on the Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer



As an open material system, the Tiertime UP mini 3 is compatible with a wide range of materials, no matter the manufacturer. Tiertime produces its own line of filaments called UP Fila, which the company recommends for use with its 3D printers. The compatible filament diameter is 1.75 mm, and the machine is equipped with the standard nozzle size of 0.4 mm. For better compatibility with various filaments, the user can choose between the two reversible build plates, namely perforated and flexible glass plates. Both of them can be used for printing on both sides, the other side being the glass board for printing without rafts and smooth first layer surface.

a materials on the Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer


Build volume

A build volume of 200 x 200 x 200 mm is a significant step forward compared to the predecessors. It enhances the capabilities of the UP mini 3 and makes it suitable for most hobbyist and educational projects.

a build volume on the Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer


Printer controls and software

The printer is operated via a 4.3" color LCD touchscreen with a clear and intuitive UI. Wi-Fi and USB interfaces enhance the connectivity options of the machine and make for user convenience. The Tiertime Print Queue function allows multiple users to send tasks to the printer when sharing the same network.

a printer controls on the Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer

The recommended software is Tiertime UP Studio. The slicer is fully compatible with Tiertime 3D printers and ensures best printing results even in the basic mode, most suitable for beginners. More advanced users will find all the necessary editing and slicing tools for precise model preparation.

a UP Studio software on the Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer


What’s in the box

Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer kit

  • Tiertime UP mini 3 3D printer
  • Two reversible build plates
  • Toolbox
  • Spool of filament
  • All the necessary cables
  • User manual

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Look and feel

The Tiertime UP mini 3 3D printer is available in a black-and-gray color scheme. Its elegant look makes it ideal for classroom or home use.

Tiertime UP mini 3 3D Printer

The machine dimensions are 19.2 x 16.7 x 21.7 in (487 x 423 x 550 mm). It weighs approximately 33.1 lb (15 kg).



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