Unitree Robotics A1

High-performance quadruped robotic dog
  • Fast and agile
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • Extremely stable and reliable
  • Open-source platform
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  • Battery
  • Remote controller
  • Battery charger and power adaptor
  • User manual
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The A1 is a quadruped robotic dog designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company. Being rather compact and lightweight, the device adopts a great many cutting-edge technologies and functions and is capable of performing various tasks, from being your pet companion to R&D and environmental inspection.

Equipped with an advanced proprietary power system, the A1 achieves impressive speed and balance performance even on rough terrain as well as the ability to resist impacts or falls. The robot employs machine vision and can track objects within its visual range, while the use of an optional lidar enables the SLAM feature and dynamic obstacle avoidance.



The Unitree A1 has 12 joints that are powered by 12 high-performance motors. Each motor weighs only 605 g, has a maximum torque of 33.5 Nm and a rotational speed of 21 rad/s, and features a cross-roller bearing providing high axial impact resistance, accuracy, and longevity. The foot ends of the A1 are equipped with rubber foot pads and have integrated pressure sensors ensuring improved stability on different terrain types. The pads are dust- and waterproof and can be easily replaced when needed.

a capabilities on the Unitree Robotics A1

At the front the A1 has the Intel RealSense D435i depth camera with an RGB, an infrared, and a pair of depth sensors measuring the distance within the range of 0.3 to 10 meters. It allows the robot to perform real time object tracking and avoid obstacles by detecting their shape and adjusting the body position.

Unitree Robotics A1

With its maximum speed of 3.3 m/s, the Unitree A1 is one of the fastest compact quadrupeds which makes it a perfect jogging companion. The high-performance motors and advanced dynamic balancing algorithm allow the A1 to feel confident in any environment and enhance its ability to do a variety of tricks, such as backflipping, crawling, and rolling over, just to name a few. It can even dance, combining different moves including moonwalking! Due to the 12 DOF, the robot is able to climb up and down the stairs with a step height of up to 12 cm.

Equipped with an optional 2D or 3D lidar, the Unitree A1 supports map building, autonomous positioning, navigation planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance features.


Operation and controls

The A1 has three outputs for 5 V, 12 V, and 19 V for optional equipment connection, such as a lidar, a robotic arm, and others. It also features two 24 V external power inputs.

In the basic configuration the A1 comes with a dual main controller featuring the perception control unit and the motion control unit. The perception control unit is the Raspberry Pi 4B board with 4 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to the NVIDIA TX2 or NX board. The motion control unit is the 4-core CPU with 4 GB of RAM. The system runs on the Ubuntu 16.04 open source platform and provides wide opportunities for secondary development. Unitree Robotics offers a number of SDKs with ROS, C++, or Python support as well as simulation tools for application development without the physical hardware.

The robot boasts wide connectivity options including 2 HDMI ports, 4 USB ports, and 2 Ethernet ports. It can be operated with a Bluetooth controller or via a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

a operation and controls on the Unitree Robotics A1

The A1 comes with an additional remote controller allowing the user to power off the robot in an emergency situation.



Apart from being an incredible bionic pet, the Unitree A1 quadruped robot provides powerful R&D opportunities for secondary development of various applications. It can be successfully employed as an educational tool for students to master their coding skills.

a applications on the Unitree Robotics A1

Credit: Unitree Molly / YouTube

As for commercial applications of the robot, it can inspect environments bearing potential hazards for people.

As for commercial applications of the robot, it can inspect environments bearing potential hazards for people on the Unitree Robotics A1

Credit: UPHIGH Productions / YouTube

Security services can organize territory patrols using the A1’s support of the SLAM technology.

Security services can organize territory patrols using the A1’s support of the SLAM technology on the Unitree Robotics A1

With the maximum payload of 5 kg, the A1 can be used for delivery service within the office space.

The A1 can find a use in any business as a brand ambassador as it always gathers crowds of people at any exhibition.

With the maximum payload of 5 kg, the A1 can be used for delivery service within the office space on the Unitree Robotics A1

Credit: Michael Overstreet / YouTube


What’s in the box

Unitree Robotics A1 kit

  • A1 quadruped robot
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Battery charger and power adaptor
  • Emergency controller
  • Rubber foot pads
  • User guide

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Look and feel

Unitree Robotics A1

The A1 robot is available in black. Its futuristic design and robust construction make it ideal for an educational institution, a research lab, or for on-site inspection. The robot weighs 12 kg and its dimensions are 500 x 300 x 400 mm.



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