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Ultra-fast 2PP printing system with sub-micrometer resolution
  • Impressive versatility
  • 100x higher throughput
  • Outstanding laser performance
  • Unlimited range of applications
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The UpNano NanoOne is a professional high-resolution desktop printing system that is based on multiphoton lithography and combines the precision of 2-photon polymerization with an impressive writing speed and increased throughput of >450 mm³ per hour. The innovative solution is aimed at comprehensive customizability, adaptability, and tolerance specifications in the nanometer range. 

The NanoOne 3D printing system can make a series of identical or different parts in one session and in the centimeter range. You can assign the desired parameters with just a few clicks. 

Despite its enormous capabilities, the NanoOne is engineered with a compact footprint, making it fit for the smallest lab facilities along with industrial production halls. The machine is equipped with a galvanometer scanner able to reach a decent scan speed of ≥1000 mm/s. Due to the powerful, accurate, and adjustable laser, it can even print living cells mixed into the resin or seeded on the prefabricated structures.

Among other smart features, the printer offers the adaptive resolution mode, substrate tilt compensation thanks to the autofocus function, H14 HEPA filter for contamination-free printing regardless of the environment, proprietary integrated software with predefined and proven print profiles that supports the user throughout the whole printing process, and more.

UpNano NanoOne

Due to the aforementioned properties, the NanoOne is a great tool for professional and industrial use in multiple spheres requiring precise and detailed structures, such as R&D, rapid prototyping, biofabrication, micro injection molding, etc. This makes the system suitable for scientific research approaches and multi-user facilities as well as batch and small series production of industrially applied microparts.


Print quality

Due to the innovative and patented printing technology, the NanoOne is capable of producing microcomponents with the usual high resolution and structural details in the range of 170 nm.

a print quality on the UpNano NanoOne

With a possible component height of up to 40 mm and extraordinary speed, the NanoOne closes the gap between conventional 2PP printing systems and microstereolithography in a highly effective way.

a different structure details on the UpNano NanoOne

Due to the powerful built-in laser, the NanoOne system allows for the use of low magnification objectives and the production of unexpectedly large parts with structure details of less than 2 microns, making it perfect for a wider variety of applications.

a structure details on the UpNano NanoOne



The UpNano NanoOne is compatible with high-performance resins and photoinitiators that are specially designed and optimized for the ultra-fast processing of the system. Among these materials are UpPhoto, UpSol, and UpBio. They are suitable for various demanding applications and allow maintaining high resolution of the printed objects.

a materials on the UpNano NanoOne

Despite its high-power laser source, the NanoOne has a careful effect on the materials used. Due to low absorption of the laser wavelength, the machine enables cell, tissue, and bioprinting approaches.

a yellow model printed on the UpNano NanoOne


Build volume

a build volume on the UpNano NanoOne

The UpNano NanoOne 3D printing system offers a writing area of 120 x 100 x 40 mm (4.7 x 3.9 x 1.6 in) that lets you cost-effectively produce both polymeric microscale and mesoscale complex structures in sufficient amounts, which makes for ultra-fast batch and series production and substantially increased throughput per hour.


Printer controls

The NanoOne can be smoothly controlled via PC. The printer comes with the integrated software solution featuring a clear professional UI and streamlined system behind menu options.

a printer controls on the UpNano NanoOne

Think3D is specially developed by the company for comprehensive control at all stages of the process. All the necessary data is processed in real time, which allows you to avoid multiple compatibility errors and improves the overall printing experience. The process can be easily initiated without preliminary preparation of imported files. In addition, the software contains predefined print profiles for user-friendly purposes.

a Think3D software on the UpNano NanoOne


Look and feel

UpNano NanoOne

The UpNano NanoOne 3D printer is available in gray with black trimmings and blue indicator. Its stylish appearance makes it ideal for professional and industrial applications.

The outer dimensions of the machine are 28 x 23 x 25.6 inches (710 x 585 x 650 mm).



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