Moai 3D printers

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Moai 3D printers, your jumping-off point to enter the SLA 3D printing world

Are you thinking about starting a new adventure in the SLA printing world? Then, Moai 3D printers are tailored to you. Launched in 2017 after a fruitful Kickstarter campaign, Moai resin printers immediately made their way in the 3D printer universe thanks to their affordability and extreme precision. Indeed, the attractive price of Moai kits enabled many newbies to jump in the SLA printing world cost-effectively.  

Moai is a trademark of the Hong kong-based 3D printing startup, Peopoly. The company aimed to create a 3D printing system able to provide highly-detailed 3D prints to both expert-level users and makers at reasonable prices. After developing a bunch of FDM printers without achieving satisfactory results, Peopoly challenged itself to produce an industrial-grade budget laser SLA printer able to build intricate objects which would be impossible to create on a filament printer. The rest is history. Peopoly now counts resellers in Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, UK, Mexico, USA, and more.

Moai 3D models

The 3D devices currently available for sale are the original Moai 3D printer and the Moai 200 SLA. The original one was initially sold as a DIY kit, but now you can also buy it already assembled. If you like getting your hands dirty, then feel free to tinker buying the kit version. Peopoly provides clear assembly instructions and a calibration sheet to enable both end-users and trained experts to undertake the task and easily start their printing. In addition, all the Moai parts are well-labeled and documented streamlining the procedure. Still, when building it up, you will gain a better understanding of how your Moai SLA 3D printer works. These fundamentals will come in handy when facing any printing issues.

Moai printer specs

Original Moai is solid and slick. It is also really easy-to-use thanks to its intuitive workflow. You only have to send the file and it will do the rest. Original Moai 3D printer has a 130x130mm bed size and a build volume of 130x130x180mm. Its XY 70-micron resolution and 15 micron Z resolution ensure high precision and great flexibility of use. That’s why it is widely used for hobby printing and professional applications as well.

The pre-assembled Moai 200 printer features an enlarged print area of 200x200x250mm and advanced laser precision. In addition, it gives you full control over laser settings. Moai 200 matches the print quality of industrial machines at a far lower cost without losing resolution when print size increases.

We are talking about cheap, beginner-friendly, and accurate laser 3D printers, what else can you ask for?

Slicing software and support

The Moai 200 comes with the proprietary slicing software, Peopoly Asura. However, thanks to their open nature, Moai 3D printers are compatible with all the main open and 3rd party software just like the Cura one. Whatever the program, you only have to prepare and print your 3D files via G-Code. 

Furthermore, Moai printers are backed by a fast-growing, friendly community. The official forum provides you with useful tips, feedback, printing examples, manuals and free models making it a valuable source of information and support in case of any need.

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