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FlashForge 3D printers, a breakthrough in the affordability and safety of 3D printing.

FlashForge was born in 2011 with the aim of creating a joyful 3D life for everyone. Their vision has always been to provide cost-effective and top-notch 3D printers to every user. Since their humble beginning as open-source 3D printers manufacturer, FlashForge team has been continuously developing new products able to respond to all market demands. Thanks to its spirit of innovation, FlashForge is able to fit multiple needs in the field of education, design, engineering, and hobby. 

FlashForge flagships are quality, safety, and affordability. Indeed, the brand provides excellent 3D printers at any price point. Their basic model, the Finder, is currently one of the cheapest 3D printers available for sale.

FlashForge models and specs

The company sells three different types of printers: FlashForge Finder, FlashForge Dreamer and its new model, the Creator Pro. All of them are distinguished by clean design and user-friendliness. They also hold active certification for ISO9001 standards, UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS.

The entry-level FlashForge Finder is extremely easy-to-use, safe and noiseless. It is a fully assembled device that allows printing right out of the box. It provides some useful features such as intelligent assisted leveling system for better calibration, Wi-Fi connection, and cloud service. It includes a touchscreen display that will keep you steadily updated about the printing status. Once your print is ready, you’ll only have to remove the slide-in build plate to take it.

The FlashForge Finder supports only non-toxic, biodegradable PLA filaments. Its body is entirely made of plastic alloy and all cables and heated parts are protected from touch ensuring full safety. All these features make the Finder one of the best 3D printers for newbies, kids, and hobbyists.

The Dreamer is a closed-frame, reliable 3D printer. It has a proprietary extrusion system that allows printing with a variety of filaments. The closable door and the removable lid ensure temperature stability and high-resolution printing results. This straightforward device features an aluminum build plate which stays flat even after continued exposure to heat. Like the Finder model, the Dreamer is extremely easy to set up. 

The FlashForge Creator Pro is an open-source printer with a fully enclosed chamber. It is almost entirely made of heat-resistant metal and, for this reason, it is more stable and accurate than other 3D printers. It features two extruders and an aluminum build plate. This means that you can print two different filaments at the same time reaching top-quality printing results. It supports soluble filaments, such as the PVA, to easily build up supporting structures for your 3D models. Universal power supply, external handles, unibody removable cover, 45°viewing control interface, and 180° opening front door are just some of its great features.

Both the Dreamer and the Creator Pro boast positive reviews and rank high in many of the best 3D printers charts.

3D printing software

All FlashForge printers include FlashPrint, a full-featured in-house developed software. It is a simple-to-use slicing program that offers smart support, 2D to 3D conversion, split model, and other useful features. Thanks to its user-friendliness, it is the easy way for professionals and amateurs to enter the 3D printing world effortless.

Professional technical support

FlashForge knowledgeable team is always ready to satisfy your doubts ensuring fast response and lifetime support. You can also check their website or their YouTube channel to get a lot of useful information, such as user manuals, software, firmware, and tutorials.

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