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INTAMSYS stands at the forefront of industrial 3D printing, specializing in high-performance FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) systems and materials. Established in 2016 and headquartered in Shanghai, it was founded by experienced engineers from elite high-tech industries. With additional facilities in Stuttgart and Minneapolis, INTAMSYS delivers comprehensive AM solutions worldwide, supporting everything from functional test prototyping to small-series production.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, INTAMSYS 3D printers are trusted by industry giants across aerospace, automotive, engineering, healthcare, and mining sectors.

INTAMSYS offers 24/7 customer support, including comprehensive FAQs, user manuals, and an extensive official wiki for troubleshooting.

INTAMSYS authorized Top 3D Shop as its value-added reseller in 2020. Top 3D Shop has sold over 100+ additive manufacturing systems manufactured by INTAMSYS and successfully completed 100% of the received client's support tickets. Customers who purchase directly through Top 3D Shop receive local customer support from our technical center in California, USA.

What do experts think about INTAMSYS 3D printers?

In the years we've been working with INTAMSYS, we've always been impressed by their cutting-edge solutions in 3D printing for high-performance materials. Clients can leverage these advanced technologies for everything from prototyping to direct mass production. What makes INTAMSYS special in our portfolio is their focus on providing comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of different sectors, setting them apart from other brands on the market. — David Mosley, 3D Solutions Specialist at Top 3D Shop


Advanced Material Compatibility: INTAMSYS FUNMAT series is engineered to handle a diverse range of high-performance functional materials like PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), and PPSU. These capabilities make them ideal for industries requiring durable and specialized parts, like aerospace and healthcare.

High-Temperature Operation: With thermal systems designed for high temperatures (up to 500 °C for extruders and 300 °C for chambers), INTAMSYS printers can produce parts with exceptional strength and thermal stability. This is crucial for functional parts that must endure extreme conditions.

Large Build Volumes: Printers like the FUNMAT Pro 610 HT offer substantial build volumes (610 x 508 x 508 mm), enabling the production of large-scale parts. This is particularly beneficial for applications where bigger components are necessary, such as automotive and manufacturing.

Precision and Quality: INTAMSYS printers boast ultra-high resolutions, down to 50 microns, ensuring fine detail and high-quality finishes. This precision is essential medical and engineering sectors, where every micron counts.

Open Material System: INTAMSYS allows the use of filaments from any brand. This flexibility enables users to select materials based on cost-effectiveness or specific property requirements.

Which INTAMSYS 3D printer should I buy?

INTAMSYS Funmat Pro 610 HT

The Funmat Pro 610 HT is the largest 3D printer from INTAMSYS, designed for industrial use with a build volume of 610 x 508 x 508 mm. It features a high-performance thermal system capable of reaching up to 300 °C in the chamber and 500 °C at the extruders, making it suitable for high-temperature polymers like PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), and PPSU. Dual nozzles enhance its capability to print large, complex parts without warpage or delamination. The printer delivers ultra-high resolution printing up to 50 microns for precise, industrial-quality outputs.

INTAMSYS Funmat Pro 410

The Funmat Pro 410 3D printer excels in industrial applications with its capacity to print a range of high-performance polymers including PEEK variants and engineering plastics such as PA, PC, and ABS. It features a large build volume and offers high precision with resolutions up to 50 microns. The printer supports an open material system that offers great compatibility to a variety of third-party filaments. Dual nozzle capabilities and a heated chamber ensure consistent quality and dimensional accuracy. Key intelligent features include filament jam warning and power failure recovery, enhancing operational reliability.

INTAMSYS Funmat Pro 310

The Funmat Pro 310 brings industrial-level performance to desktop 3D printing, offering a thermostatic chamber capable of maintaining up to 100 °C for enhanced mechanical properties of printed parts. It supports a variety of engineering plastics, including ABS, PC, and PA-CF, providing high tensile strength, heat resistance, and good surface quality. The printer features independent dual extruders (IDEX), allowing for intricate designs with complex geometries and dual-color printing. It includes a built-in HEPA filter for safety, a flexible build plate for easy part removal, and employs a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both novices and experts.

INTAMSYS Funmat HT Enhanced

The Funmat HT Enhanced is a cost-effective, high-performance desktop 3D printer designed specifically for printing with PEEK and other high-temperature materials. It features a 260 x 260 x 260 mm build volume and achieves ultra-high resolution printing down to 50 microns. Key specifications include a 90 °C constant temperature chamber, a 160 °C heated build plate, and a 450 °C high-temperature extruder. The printer supports a broad range of materials through its open material system. In addition, INTAMSYS offers custom filament options with optimized settings to ensure the highest quality prints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are supported by INTAMSYS 3D printers?

The manufacturer offers a wide range of advanced materials tailored for high-performance and industrial-grade applications. Their selection includes PEEK, PEEK-CF (Carbon Fiber), PEEK-GF (Glass Fiber), PEKK, and ULTEM (PEI) grades 9085 and 1010, renowned for high strength and thermal resistance. Additionally, they provide PPSU, PPS, PC (Polycarbonate), PC-ABS, PC-PBT thermoplastic alloy with good chemical resistance, and PC-FR Flame Retardant (polycarbonate-based material that displays excellent toughness, strength and heat resistance). The lineup also features engineering nylons like PA6/66 and its carbon fiber composites, as well as standard filaments such as ABS, ABS+, ASA, and PLA. Finally, INTAMSYS produces a breakaway support material designed for use with PA12 and PA12-CF high-temperature model materials.

What software can I use with INTAMSYS 3D printers?

INTAMSYS machines can be operated using INTAMSUITE NEO, a comprehensive and advanced 3D print preparation software. INTAMSUITE NEO offers an industrial CAD-style interface, project-based workflow, and efficient data management capabilities. It supports multiple concurrent projects and provides comparative study analysis to optimize print settings and outcomes. The software includes a library of built-in print profile templates and allows for the creation of custom templates, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in 3D printing processes.

What parts and accessories are available with INTAMSYS 3D printers?

The company offers accessories like build plates, CuCrZr and hardened steel nozzles, printheads, cabinets, and the INTAMBox filament dry box for their 3D printers.

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