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What is Modix?

Modix dominates the large-scale 3D printing industry, focusing on expansive build volumes and unparalleled print quality. By pioneering innovative solutions, the manufacturer redefines the parameters of FDM 3D printing. Their cutting-edge machines empower creators and industries worldwide, enabling the realization of complex visions at full scale.

Modix 3D printers are trusted by leading sectors like aerospace, automotive, defense, education, and consumer electronics, including prestigious brands such as Boeing, NASA, SpaceX, General Dynamics, Volvo, Yamaha, Porsche, Philips, Samsung, Nvidia, and Logitech, as well as numerous universities worldwide.

Modix offers dedicated customer support, including email assistance and video sessions upon request, ensuring a seamless user experience. Furthermore, each machine is supplied with a detailed online assembly guide containing 3D models for you to rotate and zoom as well as multiple detailed video guides for each step.

Modix authorized Top 3D Shop as its value-added reseller in 2021. Top 3D Shop has sold over 100+ additive manufacturing systems manufactured by Modix and successfully completed 100% of the received client's support tickets. Customers who purchase directly through Top 3D Shop receive local customer support from our technical center in California, USA.

What do experts think about Modix 3D printers?

Throughout our partnership with Modix, their dedication to large-scale printers, boasting exceptional build volumes and print quality, has stood out. They enable our clients to actualize grand ideas with unmatched reliability and precision. Modix's commitment to innovation and global support sets them apart, providing reliable large-format solutions with premier components for industries like aerospace and automotive. Their offerings make Modix a recommended choice for those seeking top-tier quality and scalability. – Philip Geller, Lead Solutions Specialist at Top 3D Shop

Why buy Modix?

Large Build Volumes: Modix offers some of the largest build volumes available in the market, catering to a variety of industrial needs. From the BIG-60's 600 x 600 x 660 mm to Everest's staggering 970 x 1,030 x 2,000 mm, Modix printers are capable of printing models in one piece. They also can print multiple smaller items in one batch production or "sequence printing", which results in reduced post-processing time and assembly time. This capability is critical for industries requiring large prototypes, such as automotive, aerospace, and product design.

Top-Notch Components: Across its printer range, Modix uses meticulously selected premium components, including the Duex 5 expansion board, aviation-grade power adapters, and Griffin print heads. These elements ensure high print quality, reliability, and longevity of the machines. Furthermore, the use of Hiwin rails for the Z-axis in particularly tall print models like the BIG-120Z and BIG-Meter enhances their print precision.

Customizable Platform Modularity: Delivered as self-assembly kits, Modix printers are designed with modularity in mind, allowing for extensive customization to meet specific printing needs. From independent dual extrusion capabilities (IDEX) to magnetic beds for easy model removal, users can tailor their printers with various add-ons from the manufacturer. This flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of Modix's large scale 3D printers, which ensures their evolution with changing needs and technologies.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience: Features like the tilt screen, casters for easy movement, and internal spool mounting in the Everest model cater to user experience while enhancing operational safety. Additionally, the option for automatic filament changeover reduces the need for manual intervention during long prints.

Premium Support: Modix backs its printers with a 12-month warranty and lifetime support, demonstrating a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Apart from the company's prompt and professional support services, the global operational network and community around Modix provide users with a wealth of knowledge, tips, and troubleshooting help.

Which Modix 3D printer should I buy?

Modix BIG-60

The Modix BIG-60 is the flagship model, celebrated for its substantial build volume of 600 x 600 x 660 mm. Engineered for precision and performance, it integrates premium components, offering a competitive edge. This self-assembly kit fosters customization, supporting various add-ons for enhanced functionality which can be added on to the printer seamlessly. It boasts the Griffin print head, clog and crash detectors, promoting reliability. Designed for backward compatibility, it ensures long-term value.

Modix BIG-120X

The Modix BIG-120X, an advancement in large-scale 3D printing, offers an impressive build volume of 1200 x 600 x 640 mm. Launched in late 2018, it embodies Generation 4's innovations, including the versatile Griffin print head and modular design, allowing for extensive customization. Designed as a self-assembly kit, it ensures adaptability to specific printing needs with optional add-ons. Reasonably priced, the BIG-120X cements its position as a valuable tool for professionals seeking large printed objects with high quality surface finish.

Modix BIG-120Z

The Modix BIG-120Z stands out for its vertical prowess, enabling tall object printing with a volume of 600 x 600 x 1200 mm. It caters to industries requiring height for prototypes, like visual communications and interior design. Featuring Generation 4 enhancements, it includes the reliable Griffin print head, automatic bed leveling, and Hiwin rails for precision. Sold as a self-assembly kit, it fosters deep user engagement and customization.

Modix BIG-180X

The Modix BIG-180X is designed for expansive projects, boasting a large print volume of 1800 x 600 x 600 mm. Launched in late 2019, it incorporates Generation 4 technology, including the Griffin print head for enhanced reliability and high printing quality. Like any other Modix 3D printer, this model is characterized by its modular design, allowing for extensive customization with optional add-ons. It features the electronic expansion board Duex 5 for precise control and automatic bed tilt calibration for optimal print quality. The BIG-180X is ideal for producing large-scale parts in industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Modix BIG-Meter

The Modix BIG-Meter redefines large-format 3D printing with a colossal build volume of 980 x 1000 x 1000 mm. Tailored for industrial-scale projects, it features Generation 4 advancements, including the precise Griffin print head and robust modular options for customization. Its design includes an enclosure, ensuring stable printing conditions, and it comes equipped with automatic bed leveling and Hiwin rails for unmatched print accuracy. Ideal for automotive, aerospace, and large-scale prototyping, the BIG-Meter sets a new standard in 3D printing capabilities.

Modix BIG-2Meter Everest

The Modix Everest, the pinnacle of large-format 3D printing, enables towering creations up to two meters tall. It’s engineered for rapid production, featuring a high-capacity Griffin Ultra print head that delivers over 500g/hr. Built on the robust BIG-Meter platform, Everest boasts a reinforced frame for stability, even without an enclosure, and includes advanced features like automatic bed leveling. With its vast build volume and fast printing capabilities, Everest is tailored for industries needing large, seamless objects quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are supported by Modix 3D printers?

Modix machines are compatible with a wide range of filaments including PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PC (Polycarbonate), PA (Nylon), TPU (Flexible), and a secondary soluble support filament such as PVA, offering versatility in material properties and applications. This ensures users can select the ideal material for their specific project requirements, from strong, durable parts to flexible or temporary support structures. The inclusion of specialty filaments like PC and Nylon highlights Modix's commitment to supporting advanced and industrial-grade 3D printing applications.

What software can I use with Modix 3D printers?

Modix 3D printers are compatible with a variety of slicing software solutions, offering flexibility in workflow integration. Users can operate their printers with Simplify3D, Cura, or Slic3r, each providing different interfaces and features to suit personal preferences or project requirements. Additionally, the printers are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control. This range of software compatibility ensures users can efficiently manage their 3D printing processes, from model preparation to the final print. Plus, all Modix customers are supplied with print profiles for each of the supported slicing software packages.

What parts and accessories are available with the Modix 3D printers?

Due to their modular structure, Modix 3D printers support a vast range parts and accessories. The list includes IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) for multiple print head configurations, enclosures, carbon and HEPA filters, casters, various heat block configurations and nozzle types. For example, a set of V6 nozzles for detailed fine printing and Volcano for higher printing temperatures. Add-ons enhance functionality, such as Wi-Fi modules, PT-100 sensors, and high-flow Griffin print heads, alongside spares like belts and pulleys.

What is the Modix's warranty policy?

Modix offers a standard 12-month warranty on its printers, with the option to purchase an extended warranty during this period. The extended warranty adds another 12 months, totaling 24 months of coverage. Additionally, the warranty period can be further extended up to a maximum of 3 years.

What is the Modix's IDEX add-on?

The Modix IDEX Dual Printhead is an advanced upgrade for Modix 3D printers, enabling simultaneous dual-material printing. IDEX enables printing with secondary support filament, complex internal geometries, and multi-material prints while reducing post-processing time. Using breakaway support material, one can enjoy smooth surface finish and a fast support removal immediately after the print is finished. When printing support with soluble materials, one can enjoy high-quality printing results and avoid the tedious manual support removal. In addition, IDEX Filament Changer saves time and improves print quality by automatically switching filament spools without pausing the printer.

How do Modix 3D printers ensure print quality?

All the Modix V4 machines are equipped with a reliability sensors suite designed to save print-jobs on time. It can timely detect filament run-out, under-extrusion and clogs. Moreover, they come with a comprehensive set of automatic calibration tools including: bed tilt calibration, bed leveling, gantry alignment, and Z offset calibration.

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