Sinterit 3D printers

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Sinterit 3D printers, expand your SLS 3D printing possibilities from your desk.

Sinterit puts superior SLS 3D printers in your hands at affordable prices. Based in Kraków, the Polish company is a pathfinder in the benchtop powder 3D printer. Indeed, it has become popular thanks to its desktop-sized devices based on professional Selective Laser Sintering technology. Its mission is to hasten the adoption of SLS 3D printing technologies by all industries offering competitive prices and top-grade features. 

Thanks to their advanced technology, Sinterit 3D printers are capable of printing highly detailed, complex prints without the need for supports. So, in other words, they give you the possibility to create accurate objects that are difficult to be printed otherwise.

These SLS printers are ideal for a variety of applications offering extended 3D printing possibilities to anyone, from engineers to inventors, designers, educators, and researchers. Perfect for every business, Sinterit printers help you to solve any rapid prototyping and short-series issue. You just need to adopt one or more of these printers to fulfill all your manufacturing needs in-house.

In addition, by choosing Sinterit technologies, you will enter the top-grade quality, ultra-high-resolution, large-format printing world without busting your wallet. 

Sinterit 3D printers

The company has launched two different benchtop 3D printers, the LISA and its improved version, the LISA 2 Pro.

According to their specs, both LISA printers support a variety of high-tech materials, including Nylon powders and TPU-based materials. These high-performance powders allow printing functional and durable components with fine definition. The Pro version is equipped with a nitrogen chamber and can print using a wider range of materials.

Aimed at increasing your business’ efficiency, the LISA 2 Pro features the larger build volume (110 x 150 x 250 mm compared to the 110 x 150 x 150mm of the original LISA). A larger print area means the possibility to build up significant models in one single piece. Hardware and software upgrades also make it the more reliable and easy-to-use of the series.

Both LISA models use the in-house slicing software, Sinterit Studio, and are equipped with a built-in camera so you can constantly check up your 3D models while printing. 

Last but not least, they are sold at a good price point if compared to other SLS printers available on the market. 

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