Raise3D 3D printers

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Raise3D 3D printers, innovative 3D printing technology leading the way of flexible manufacturing.

Raise3D 3D printers are built for quality. Easy-to-use and maintain, they ensure high-accuracy boasting a high resolution up to 0.01mm, rigorous quality standards, and large formats.

Raise3D was born with the specific purpose of improving human life and boosting the standard of 3D printing through innovative technologies. It also aims to empower corporate users to design and produce high-resolution, cutting-edge 3D models effortless.

Specifically designed for the needs of innovative companies involved in the creation of avant-garde products, these award-winning 3D printers are making the history of continuous 3D printing. They are extremely versatile and are able to produce personalized and reliable manufacturing on-demand. All Raise3D 3D printers successfully combine advanced materials, fully enclosed design and massive build volumes to perfectly suit each stage of the manufacturing process.

In order to provide reliable, industrial-grade devices, the company pays special attention to new ways of thinking and constantly invests in research and product development. It has been also pursuing closer collaboration with sales partners, end-users and filament manufacturers, that are part of its Open Filament Programme, to always provide 3D printing solutions with an increased value.

Raise3D 3D printers

The company has been developing a variety of pre-assembled 3D printers to suit any project. Its 3D printer lines currently include the N-series and the Pro2-series. The first one is composed of the Raise3D N1, the N2, and the N2 Plus, which boasts a massive print area of 304.8 x 304.8 x 609.6 mm. The Pro2 line includes the Raise3D Pro2 and the Pro2 Plus.

All the printers are available either with a single or dual extrusion system. They have a heated bed, which makes them suitable for printing with ABS, PETG, HIPS, and Nylon filaments, and a power-loss recovery feature. A 7” full-color touchscreen gives you the possibility to manage and control your prints through a user-friendly GUI. Raise3D printers also enable remote monitoring via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Raise3D products are currently adopted in several fields, from industrial design, medical service, research institution, architecture, and many others.

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