Qidi Tech 3D printers

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Qidi Tech 3D printers, professional 3D printing made easy and accessible.

With a range of 7 professional FDM 3D printers hitting the market, China-based Qidi Technology stands out for providing high-quality, cost-effective devices designed to deliver a great user experience either to tenderfoots and 3d printing enthusiasts.

Qidi Tech 3D printers

The Qidi catalog includes Qidi1, X-One 2, X-Pro, X-Smart, X-Plus, X-Max, X-Maker. The Qidi1 desktop printer (Qidi Technology 3DP-QDA16-01) is an equivalent of the FlashForge Creator Pro but it is priced low enough to please users on a tight budget. It is a durable printer with a strong and reliable design which ensures a long service life and accuracy. It is equipped with removable magnetic panels, interior LED lights and a dual extruder system that supports multi-color printing with ABS, PLA, and soluble filaments. By upgrading to all-metal hotends, you will also be able to print with high-temperature materials such as Nylon and TPU. The aluminum heated bed measures 230x150x150mm. When using this workhorse, there's one thing you can count on: Qidi Tech 1 will always get your prints done.

Qidi X-One 2 is the new generation of the original X-One. It is a well-constructed out-of-the-box machine with some noteworthy features. Unlike the X-One, this new version has a pair of acrylic covers and a top-hinged door permitting easy viewing of prints in progress. It has a user-friendly touchscreen interface very clear and responsive and its setup is really simple. The X-One 2 also features a useful pause-resume function that comes in handy when changing or replacing filaments.

Qidi X-Max is a fully enclosed 3D printer able to print a range of challenging materials like Carbon Fiber, TPU, Nylon, and PC. It is a single extruder device equipped with two extruders, one aimed at generic materials, the other designed for printing with advanced high-performance filaments. With a build volume of 300x250x300mm, this semiprofessional 3D printers will suit most of your printing needs. 

Software compatibility

Qidi 3D printers come with an in-house Cura-based Slicer, Qidi Print. It is simple-to-use and has all the basic features required to launch a print. However, Qidi devices are also compatible with Cura and Simplify3D software. Many reviews recommend using Simplify3D to obtain smooth and quality results.

Customer service

Qidi Tech customer service is fantastic. Fast, kind, and very helpful, it stands behind you waiting to face all your problems with a sunny disposition. You can send them an email or, if you prefer, you can contact the after-sale service either via Skype and WhatsApp. They will provide you with timely assistance.

Moreover, the online support community has your back. You can turn to them every time you will run into printing issues. With this huge support, your 3D printing experience will be really easy and pleasant.

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