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What is Qidi?

Qidi Technology, established in 2014, boasts a comprehensive range of top-notch FDM printers, a dedicated R&D center, and a production workshop spanning 15,000 m². With an annual output of 50,000 3D printers, Qidi holds several patents and software copyrights. All products are MET, CE, FCC, and ROHS certified, demonstrating a commitment to safety and high quality.

Known for professional international collaboration, Qidi enjoys a strong reputation globally, particularly in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, and Canada. Apart from this, Qidi Tech 3D printers are trusted by leading global retailers, which makes it the first Chinese 3D printer supplier to work directly with Amazon and WalMart.

Qidi Technology authorized Top 3D Shop as its value-added reseller in 2019. Top 3D Shop has sold over 200+ additive manufacturing systems manufactured by Qidi and successfully completed 100% of the received client's support tickets. Customers who purchase directly through Top 3D Shop receive local customer support from our technical center in California, USA.

What do experts think about Qidi 3D printers?

We've partnered with Qidi Tech for years. Their 3D printers excel in quality and reliability. Our clients, from startups to established firms, thrive using Qidi solutions. Their printers accelerate product development and enhance operational efficiency. Qidi stands out for its robust R&D, impressive production capacity, and dedicated after-sales support. For businesses seeking advanced 3D printing capabilities, Qidi is our top recommendation. – David Mosley, 3D Solutions Specialist at Top 3D Shop

Why buy Qidi?

Diverse Product Range: Qidi Technology offers a wide array of 3D printers, catering to different needs and skill levels. From the beginner-friendly X-Smart 3 with its fast printing capabilities and up to 20,000 mm/s² acceleration, to the professional-grade I-Fast designed for complex 3D printing with high-temperature materials. The X-CF Pro can fully print carbon fiber and nylon, highlighting Qidi's commitment to covering various industrial applications.

Innovative Features: Each Qidi 3D printer boasts unique features that enhance printing quality and user experience. For example, the Q1 Pro includes full-auto calibration and active chamber heating, while the X-Max 3 offers a large build volume and high-speed 3D printing up to 600 mm/s. The X-Plus 3 is designed for fast printing with an all-metal frame, ensuring stability and precision across large builds.

Vast Material Compatibility: Qidi printers support a large number of materials, from basic PLA and ABS to specialized filaments like carbon fiber, glass fiber, and nylon. This versatility ensures that Qidi Tech users can explore various applications, from prototyping to final product manufacturing.

User-Friendly Design: Despite their advanced capabilities, Qidi's printers are designed with user experience in mind. Features like automatic leveling, filament detection, and high-quality slicer software make the machines accessible to beginners while still offering the flexibility and control that professionals require. The inclusion of high-efficiency hot ends and dual Z motors across the range ensures reliability and maintenance-free operation.

Global Presence and After-Sales Support: Qidi Tech's strategic partnerships with global retailers, coupled with a comprehensive after-sales support system, underscore their reliability as a supplier.

Thus, choosing Qidi means investing in a 3D printing solution that balances innovative technology, quality, and user accessibility, backed by a company with a proven track record of excellence and global recognition. Whether for professional applications, educational purposes, or personal projects, Qidi's range of 3D printers offers reliable, high-performance printing capabilities tailored to meet diverse needs and skill levels.

Which Qidi 3D printer should I buy?

Qidi Q1 Pro 3D printer

The Q1 Pro 3D printer innovates with full-auto calibration and a generous build size of 245x 245 x 240mm. Its active heated chamber features temperature up to 60 ℃, ensuring quality prints straight from the box. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, this model integrates reliable mechanical motion structure, dual Z motors, a tri-metal hot end, and smart filament detection. It's compatible with a wide range of materials, including high-temperature filaments, enhancing mechanical properties of models. Its solid enclosure and CoreXY structure promise high precision and stability.

Qidi X-Max 3 3D printer

The Qidi Tech X-Max 3 3D printer is designed for high performance, offering a large build volume of 325 x 325 x 315 mm and a maximum printing speed of 600 mm/s. Its active chamber can heat up to 65 ℃ for improved material compatibility and print quality. Equipped with a new stable all-metal frame for increased precision, the X-Max 3 supports a wide range of materials, including industrial-grade filaments. Automatic leveling and a flexible HF plate ensure easy setup and removal of prints.

Qidi X-Plus 3 3D printer

The Qidi Tech X-Plus 3 is engineered for professionals requiring high-speed and large-scale 3D printing. With a build volume of 280 x 280 x 270 mm and printing speed up to 600 mm/s, it caters to advanced projects. This Qidi printer features a fully upgraded all-metal frame with hardened, hollow steel rods and a heated chamber, supporting a wide array of materials. Enhanced with dual hotends for different materials, automatic leveling, and a flexible HF plate, the X-Plus 3 combines high efficiency and robust design with ease of use.

Qidi X-Smart 3 3D printer

The Qidi Tech X-Smart 3 is an entry-level model designed for beginners. Still, it is capable of reaching up to 20,000 mm/s² acceleration and offers fast printing with exceptional quality right out of the box. Ideal for those starting in 3D printing, the X-Smart 3 supports a variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, and PETG, facilitated by its automatic leveling system and flexible print bed for easy print removal. It combines user-friendly operation with high-quality printing capabilities at an economical price point.

Qidi X-CF Pro 3D printer

The Qidi Tech X-CF Pro is a specialized FDM 3D printer optimized for printing carbon fiber materials, nylon filaments, and other high-performance consumables. It targets professionals seeking to create parts with superior strength and durability. The printer is engineered to handle the demands of high-temperature 3D printing, equipped with a high-temp extruder system. With its advanced features and robust construction, the X-CF Pro is ideal for producing industrial-grade parts and prototypes requiring enhanced material properties.

Qidi X-Max II 3D printer

The Qidi Tech X-Max II 3D printer offers impressive quality and versatility, making it a budget-friendly option for creators and hobbyists. It features a large build volume of 300 x 250 x 300 mm, accommodating a variety of project sizes. The X-Max II is designed to work with multiple filament types. Plus, it's equipped with a filament runout sensor, enhancing the 3D printing process by minimizing the risk of print failures. The machine is praised for its reliability and user-friendliness, offering a straightforward setup and operation process.

Qidi I-Fast 3D printer

The Qidi Tech I-Fast is an industrial 3D printer tailored for tackling complex printing challenges. Reasonably priced, it’s designed to cater to professional environments requiring high print accuracy and performance. The printer features high-temperature nozzles and advanced filament options, including support for PA12-CF and S-White Support Filament. The I-Fast aims to deliver unparalleled performance in producing high-quality prints, emphasizing its suitability for advanced users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are supported by Qidi 3D printers?

Qidi's selection of 3D printer materials includes PLA, ABS/ASA, PA/PET, PETG, TPU/PC, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, support, and some other filaments. The collection spans common to industrial-grade filaments, featuring specialized options like TPU95A-HF, PET-CF, PA12-CF, PLA Rapido, PETG-Tough, ASA-Aero, and UltraPA Nylon (PPA).

What software can I use with Qidi 3D printers?

Qidi devices are compatible with Qidi Slicer and Qidi Print Slicer redeveloped after extensive testing by Qidi Tech engineers. Additionally, they offer timely firmware updates, ensuring the machines run with the latest features and improvements. The Qidi Link mobile application facilitates remote printer management. For users seeking more customization, Qidi supports Klipper & Software for open-source alternatives, along with profiles for other slicing software.

What parts and accessories are available with Qidi 3D printers?

Qidi offers a wide array of parts and accessories for their 3D printers, including hotends, nozzles (hardened steel, copper plated, brass), extruders, and build plates. Additional items like a filament dry box, camera, EMMC, and various types of plates (smooth and double-sided gold PEI) enhance print quality and efficiency.

What is the Qidi's warranty policy?

Qidi Tech offers a 1-year warranty on their machines, covering major defects under normal use. Customers can seek warranty or after-sales support via email. For significant manufacturing defects, Qidi decides on partial/full refunds or replacements based on the failure's extent. Read the full terms here: https://qidi3d.com/pages/warranty-policy-after-sales-support.


Can I customize my Qidi Tech X printer?

Yes, customization of Qidi Tech X printers is possible through the integration of Klipper firmware and Obico. This combination unlocks remote access and AI functionalities, enabling real-time monitoring from anywhere and AI-driven optimization of print quality. Users can thus tailor their printing process for enhanced outcomes.

What are the advantages of remote access to my print job?

When it comes to 3D printing, remote access functionality greatly enhances efficiency and print quality. It enables monitoring of long print jobs without physical presence, crucial for extended operations that can take many hours to complete. In professional environments with multiple printers, it ensures seamless management and progress tracking, allowing adjustments in real-time for optimal outcomes.

Which 3D printer is better, Qidi X Max 3 or Bambu Lab X1?

Each model has its strengths. For example, Qidi X Max 3 offers a larger build volume and a higher claimed flow rate, indicating a potential for faster printing with more materials. Bambu Lab X1, despite a smaller build volume, features a carbon fiber X-axis gantry and LiDAR for auto bed leveling, suggesting a focus on precision and innovative technology. Your choice depends on whether you prioritize build volume and material versatility or cutting-edge features and compact design.

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