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What is Einscan?

Founded in 2004, SHINING 3D revolutionizes with high-precision 3D digital products including Einscan. Headquartered in Hangzhou, with branches in the US, Germany, and Hong Kong, it leads in 3D scanning and digital dentistry. The company excels in digitizing technology solutions, holding over 300 patents and 140 software copyrights. It’s dedicated to providing a comfortable scanning experience to design and 3D printing, ensuring top-tier product quality and data security.

Einscan 3D scanners are trusted by professionals in industries like healthcare, engineering, and entertainment, including top dental clinics and design studios worldwide.

SHINING 3D offers robust support, including tutorials, troubleshooting, downloads, and detailed hardware guides for all Einscan products.

SHINING 3D authorized Top 3D Shop as its value-added reseller in 2019. Top 3D Shop has sold over 300+ Einscan units and successfully completed 100% of the received client's support tickets. Customers who purchase directly through Top 3D Shop receive local customer support from our technical center in California, USA.

What do experts think about Einscan?

In the years we've been working with Einscan products, we've always been impressed by their relentless innovation. Einscan stands out in our portfolio for its synergy of high precision and user-friendly tech. Unlike others, it democratizes 3D scanning, blending cutting-edge technology with simplicity. We’d certainly recommend Einscan products to businesses looking to leapfrog into the future of digital design and production. – Philip Geller, Lead Solutions Specialist at Top 3D Shop

Why buy Einscan?

Pioneering Technology: Einscan, backed by the company's 18 years of experience in 3D digitization and market demand, continuously innovates in the field of 3D scanning. Their devices integrate advanced technologies like hybrid infrared and LED light scanning. This makes for precise and versatile scanning.

Exceptional Versatility: Einscan is designed to ensure wide applicability across different sectors. The Einscan H2, for instance, offers high texture scan resolution and a wide scanning area. Suitable for diverse scenes and objects, it enhances workflow efficiency across creative and most industrial applications like design, 3D printing, manufacturing, and digital archiving.

High Accuracy and Detail: Einscan's commitment to high-quality 3D modeling is evident in the exceptional accuracy of their scanners. The Einscan Pro HD and Einscan SP, for example, deliver accuracies up to 0.04 mm and 0.05 mm. This precision enables a professional experience and allows one to achieve highly detailed 3D models for engineering, art, and cultural preservation.

User-Friendliness: Despite the sophisticated technology under the hood, Einscan boasts an intuitive user experience. Models like the Einscan SP offer one-click fast scanning experience, automatic calibration, and easy operation. This makes high-resolution 3D scanning accessible to everyone from professionals to educators and hobbyists.

Comprehensiveness: Beyond hardware, Einscan provides a complete 3D digitizing solution that includes professional scanning software, extensive post-processing functions, and compatibility with 3D printers. This ecosystem allows users to seamlessly transition from scanning to modeling and 3D printing.

Which Einscan should I buy?

Einscan Pro HD

Perfect for professionals who laugh in the face of design challenges

The Einscan Pro HD is a trailblazer in handheld 3D scanning experience. Meshing high resolution with fast scan speed, it is ready to tackle dark surfaces and metals. It nails details with up to 0.04 mm accuracy. With its light, portable frame, it's like having a digital Swiss Army knife; versatile, precise, and ready to go wherever creativity strikes.

EinScan Pro 2X V2

Marrying portability with versatility

The EinScan Pro 2X V2 is a sophisticated handheld 3D scanner designed for accurately capturing small to medium-sized objects. With the EXScan Pro software, it offers advanced post-processing tools and supports integration with third-party applications like Geomagic ControlX and DesignX. Ideal for detailed 3D data acquisition, its efficiency and precision make it a valuable tool for complex 3D modeling and design projects.

EinScan HX

The Thor's Hammer of 3D scanning—mighty and versatile

The EinScan HX boasts hybrid blue laser and dual blue LED light sources in one handheld scanner, broadening its material and color scanning capabilities. Moreover, it can handle reflective and dark surfaces with ease. With its hybrid alighnment, laser precision up to 0.04 mm and LED light scanning speed reaching 1,200,000 points/s, it's a beast in rapid and accurate data capture for most industrial applications where dimensional accuracy is critical. Portable, convenient, and capable of full-color texture captures of quite large objects with rich geometric features, it’s perfect for reverse engineering and CAD.

EinScan H2

A powerful companion for capturing intricate details in color texture

The EinScan H2 improves scanning experience with its hybrid infrared and LED light source. Boasting a 5MP texture camera and three VCSEL projectors, it delivers more photorealistic textures in full color and better quality data across a wide scanning area. Its adaptability to generate stable outputs outdoors regardless of the object size, combined with enhanced accuracy up to 0.05 mm, makes it ideal for various industries. Due to its advanced hair enhancement algorithm, it is possible to successfully capture light and dark hair with optimal comfort during face and body 3D scanning. Lightweight and user-friendly with intelligent data quality indicators, it ensures a seamless scanning process for professionals and enthusiasts alike. 


Educational and hobbyist dream machine

The EinScan-SE desktop 3D scanner offers a blend of better performance and user-friendliness. Featuring Auto and Fixed scan modes, it utilizes eye-safe visible white light, eliminating laser exposure risks. With capabilities for rapid one-second for a single scan and detailed 45-second 360-degree scans under auto scan mode, it ensures high efficiency, precision and quality 3D data generation. Its ease of use and compatibility with 3D printing technologies make it a highly versatile tool.


A step up for a detail-oriented prosumer

The EinScan-SP is a high-precision desktop 3D scanner, offering a minimum point distance up to 0.05 mm with eye-safe structured light technology. It features Auto and Fixed Scan modes, accommodating a wider range of object sizes. Designed for speed and efficiency, it supports fast processing and high-resolution data capture. This makes it ideal for education, reverse engineering, and digital archiving. The scanner's compatibility with 3D printers and robust post-processing functions enhance its utility in professional environments.


Transforming reality into digital gold

Einstar, affordable handheld 3D scanner with a hybrid light source, democratizes high-quality data acquisition with its advanced technology. It features three eye-safe Infrared VCSEL Projectors, two Stereo Depth Cameras, and one built-in color Camera, ensuring a flexible scanning volume, working distance adjustment to adapt to narrow or wide scenes and objects of various sizes, and clear scan data across various environments, with both small and large-sized objects. With a scan speed of up to 14 FPS and a user-friendly setup with a single USB cable for data transmission and power, Einstar is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Thanks to its ergonomic design and advanced characteristics, such as hybrid alignment, the scanner caters to a wider range of applications from outdoor scanning to capturing the human body and diverse materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What software can I use with Einscan?

Einscan utilizes EXScan S and EXScan Pro software with intuitive UI design. EXScan S offers automated processing, hybrid alignment modes, mesh editing, and compatibility with CAD software for seamless 3D data export and printing. EXScan Pro, with a new UI and elegant workflow, allows for faster scanning experience and post-scan resolution setting. Apart from supporting standard output formats like STL, OBJ, and PLY, it integrates with professional design software like Geomagic Essentials, Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition, and other CAD programs.

What accessories are available with Einscan?

Einscan devices are compatible with two key accessories: the Industrial Pack and the Color Pack. The Industrial Pack includes a turntable and a tripod, facilitating both automatic and fixed scans. The Color Pack adds full-color texture capturing functionality to the EinScan Pro series. The latter enhances model realism by allowing texture alignment without markers, even in handheld Rapid Scan Mode.

What is Einscan's warranty policy?

SHINING 3D provides a standard warranty for its Einscan products. It does not cover damages from misuse, abuse, wear and tear, environmental factors, or natural disasters. Read the full terms here: https://www.einscan.com/shining3d-warranty/.

What are the advantages of a hybrid light source?

The hybrid laser and LED light source improves scanning and makes, for example, Einscan HX compatible with a wider range of object sizes. Depending on the light source applied, it provides different precision and speed levels. Thus, in Rapid Scan Mode with multiple blue laser lines it can provide an up to 0.05 mm accuracy at a speed of up to 1,200,000 points/s. For laser scanning, the speed is up to 480,000 points/s providing accuracy of up to 0.04 mm. Plus, it is less sensitive to ambient light and gives better performance to reflective and dark color surface.

What are computer requirements for Einscan?

For the latest Einscan product, Einstar, the recommended computer configuration is the following: CPU: Intel Core i7-11800H or above, RAM: 32 GB or above, Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or above, Video memory: 6 GB or above. Check out the product pages in our shop to learn about the other models.

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