Phrozen 3D printers

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Phrozen 3D printers: faster and better resin 3D printing for everyone.

Phrozen 3D printers aim at making professional 3D printing accessible to anyone breaking down traditional barriers. Born in Taiwan from the idea of three engineers, the company has been manufacturing user-friendly devices capable of print high-resolution objects at a fast speed using a variety of generic resins.

The affordable, resin-based Phrozen machines deliver prime quality prints suitable for advanced applications in jewelry, medical, and dental fields.

With a keen eye on innovative DLP/LCD technologies, Phrozen has developed a self-made ParaLED optical engine, which grants improved printing quality, sharpness, and speed.

Phrozen 3D printers

The Taiwanese company currently sells three different MSLA printing machines: the Phrozen Shuffle, the Shuffle XL and the Shuffle 4K. It has also been developing a further 3D printer, the Phrozen Make, a crowdfunded, desktop LCD 3D printer that will be shipped to backers later this year.

The Shuffle printers share similar specs and are all powered by the innovative, proprietary ParaLED optical technology. The system is based on a special LED array matrix, that emits its light as parallel as possible to deliver higher resolution and neater prints.

The Shuffle series has a sturdy, fully enclosed structure and features a dual Z-axis linear rail with a ball screw drive, which ensures rigidity, high accuracy, and durability. The MSLA technology, based on the sintering of an entire layer at a time, allows producing butches of parts in a faster way saving time and costs.

The main differences between the Shuffle and Shuffle XL are the build volume, the XY resolution, and the 2K LCD panel size. The Shuffle has a build volume of 120 x 68 x 200 mm, an XY resolution of 47um, and a 5.5 inch LCD panel. It differs from the Shuffle 4K only in the LCD panel resolution, hence the name. The XL version has a bigger printing area of 190 x 120 x 200mm, a 75 um XY-resolution, and an 8.9-inch screen. 

All Phrozen 3D printers come with an open-material system which makes them compatible with all 3rd party resins, giving you wider design possibilities.

Software and support center

The printers are compatible with MeshMixer and ChiTu slicing software, the same program used for the Anycubic Photon MSLA.

On the official website, you can find several manuals, troubleshooting videos, and technical documents. Phrozen also boasts an active Facebook group where users can share their printing experiences and feedback useful to let the company improve its production.

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